Gone to Pot? Legalizing Marijuana in Ohio


Photo: PabloEvans (flickr)

That's not a buckeye leaf. Twenty states have legalized medical marijuana, and although Ohio isn't one of them, some people say the movement to decriminalize the drug is more than just grassroots.


Thousands of Colorado residents recently waited in long lines for the chance to legally buy recreational marijuana for the first time in 77 years. Pot is legal for medical use in 20 states, but Ohio is not one of them. This hour we’ll talk about the movement to decriminalize the drug in the Buckeye State, and why opponents say it’s a bad plan.


  • Ben Markus, Colorado Public Radio
  • Prof. David Courtwright, Department of History, University of North Florida
  • Mary Jane Borden, Vice President and Treasurer of the Ohio Rights Group
  • Tony Coder, Asst Director of the Drug Free Action Alliance

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