Fracking in Ohio – Economics and the Environment


Chesapeake Energy reported there is about $20 billion worth of oil and natural gas reserves under eastern Ohio. Governor Kasich sees this as an opportunity to lead Ohio to an economic revolution… as long as a few issues are addressed.

Could Ohio be the model on how to “get things right?” This hour we’ll talk about the potential boons and burdens of fracking in Ohio… Next on All Sides with Ann Fisher, right after the news, on 89-seven, NPR News.


  • Seamus McGraw (author and journalist)
  • Thomas Stewart (Executive Vice President, Ohio Oil and Gas Association)

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  • Cliff Treyens

    The National Ground Water Association recently published water testing parameters (pre- and post-fracing) for private water wells in proximity to gas production. It can be downloaded at

    • Patty Cooper

      My father lives near Amsterdam, OH off of ST RT 43 in Jefferson County.  There is an APEX dump in the hills above Amsterdam that is accepting truck loads of fracking water from PA.  On my way to church Sunday morning I witnessed four trucks heading towards highway 22 after dumping the fracking water.  The town lies at the bottom of the hill from the dump.  The farms in this area all rely on wells for their drinking water.  Ohio Senate Bill 213 is proposing a moratorium on deep shale horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in OH, until the US Environmental Protection Agency completes a study on the potential impacts of fracking, especially on drinking water.  The US EPA is in year one of a three year study.  
      My father is worried sick about the health of the population in Jefferson, Harrison and Carroll counties.  At the rate they have been hauling in and dumping the fracking waste water at the APEX dump site, the water in the area may already be contaminated.  My father said he called the Ohio EPA and they said, it is out of their hands. Is there something that can be done now to stop the dumping, until the US EPA study is complete? What can the people Ohio, in Jefferson, Harrison and Carroll counties, do to protect ourselves?

      • Patty Cooper

        I found out that APEX has a permit to accept the fracking water from ODNR. The drinking water in Jefferson County is not in jeapordy as long as the injection well is functioning as permitted…..
        this I found out from a geologist today, and it was backed up by Senator Wilson who called me this evening.

        • i don’t give a frack

          of course they would say its ‘safe’.  that’s all these people do is lie!

      • Tracy

        I would strongly recommend that he get his water tested immediately.  A comment above has a link to a PDF and it names some of the chemicals to test for in the water.  I would urge his to do so immediately and until then to buy drinking water.  There is a documentary called GasLand that you might want to watch.  

      • Norge

        Patty<<<< Make certain you stay on this until you get straight answers (the TRUTH). You already have evidence of what they are doing. There are people who know the answers.

  • Loispatton

    Amazing how paternalistic the Oil and Gas Industry ads are…small children tapping the ground, grandfather voices and pleasant suburban mothers lulling everyone to sleep about how wonderful natural gas, particularly, is…fracking is no big deal..all those crazy hysterical people who are concerned about it are just plain ridiculous they imply. A study of the advertising for oil and gas should be made public and “critical thinking” should be brought back to the educational process. Remember “question authority?!”

  • Erinswain1

    What kind of shale is being fractured in Ohio?