The Challenges of Fatherhood in the Inner City



There are many misconceptions about fatherhood among inner-city men who are often dismissed as “deadbeat dads.”  This hour, we’ll take a look at how cultural changes have refocused the father-child bond and transformed the meaning of fatherhood among the urban poor.


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  • Annonymous

    On the Columbus Urban League website, why is Fathers 2 Fathers under the link for African American Initiative…are their no white men who have the same difficulty. When will we stop with the race card…this is a human issue not a race issue!

    • Robert Sampson

      That website is outdated and antiquated. A 4th grader could have worked on it so I wouldn’t look at that information as entirely accurate. However as a former employee I can tell you that the program is open to individuals of all races. Yes, the program is listed as part of the African American initiative – I think it was initially designed to assist men of color but I can attest that the staff for this program try their best to work with any male regardless of color with their parenting/fatherhood/child support issues.

  • Laura Beardsley

    I would like to see statistics to back Ms Hightower’s claim that 95% of Columbus City School parents have been incarcerated with felony charges. Those numbers are outrageous and shame on you Ann Fisher for not questioning those facts.

    • Paul Ripperton

      You have to realize that Hightower doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about. She is making it up as she goes along. When you talk so much BS . . . you can’t tell what’s the truth and what is fake. . .