The Challenges of Fatherhood in the Inner City



There are many misconceptions about fatherhood among inner-city men who are often dismissed as “deadbeat dads.”  This hour, we’ll take a look at how cultural changes have refocused the father-child bond and transformed the meaning of fatherhood among the urban poor.


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  • Annonymous

    On the Columbus Urban League website, why is Fathers 2 Fathers under the link for African American Initiative…are their no white men who have the same difficulty. When will we stop with the race card…this is a human issue not a race issue!

    • Robert Sampson

      That website is outdated and antiquated. A 4th grader could have worked on it so I wouldn’t look at that information as entirely accurate. However as a former employee I can tell you that the program is open to individuals of all races. Yes, the program is listed as part of the African American initiative – I think it was initially designed to assist men of color but I can attest that the staff for this program try their best to work with any male regardless of color with their parenting/fatherhood/child support issues.

  • Laura Beardsley

    I would like to see statistics to back Ms Hightower’s claim that 95% of Columbus City School parents have been incarcerated with felony charges. Those numbers are outrageous and shame on you Ann Fisher for not questioning those facts.