Ethnic Food Trucks/ Combating Infant Mortality



You can get almost any kind of food from a Columbus food truck these days: crepes, pho, schnitzel, and of course, tacos. But the trucks reflect more than just a lunch option. This hour, we’ll talk about the issues of immigration and acceptance surrounding the emergence of mobile Mexican food. Then we’ll learn about the creative things central Ohio is doing to improve the infant mortality rate.




Friday, May 10 at 8 pm, MOMologues 2 is playing at the Makoy Center in Hilliard. *This production will feature All Sides’ own Ann Fisher!*

Saturday, May 11 at 4 pm, Tranfusion is playing at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus.


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  • ohiobiker67

    Are we all so PC we can’t ask the hard questions? 1) If Bonnita Lee is an illegal how does she own a taco truck? 2) How does she pay taxes with no SS card. 3) Why isn’t she being deported for entering our country illegally? Ann, you and your guests act like its a bad thing that ICE would “round up” illegals and deport them, I have news for you, It’s their job! All Sides?? far from if, I’m sure you could have found several americans or LEGAL immigrants, that their businesses are being negatively affected by illegals and their food trucks.

    • Carmen

      1) Bonita Lee does NOT own any taco truck. She s a retired city of Columbus employee.

      2) See above, I presume she pays her taxes much the same as any other retiree.

      3). Bonita Lee is a US citizen.

      4) ICE is often evil. Their sweeps have little to do with criminal activity. Immigration is a civil not a criminal matter.