Escaping Domestic Violence


Tragedy struck on 5:00 AM in the morning on Wednesday, July 6th, in Columbus, Ohio when Jennifer Blake was killed by her husband, Jack Blake Jr.

How could this scenario have been prevented? Today, we’ll talk about escaping from domestic abuse before it’s too late- what makes it difficult, and what makes it possible. That’s next on All Sides with Ann Fisher, 89-seven NPR News.


  • Zach Scott (Franklin County Sheriff)
  • Anne Murray (Domestic Violence Director, Columbus City Attorney’s Office)
  • Amy Bonomi (OSU Associate Professor Human Development and Family Science)
  • Sharon McCloy-Reichard (Executive Director of CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence)

If you find yourself in need of help from domestic abuse, CHOICES is a service you can use…

The HOTLINE Number is 614-224-4663.

If you are interested in volunteering, the administrative number is 614-224-7200.


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    Im just now getting to listen to this and wanted to respond to the caller who was frustrated with the lack of TV programs teaching young girls about healthy self image…or however she phrased it. I would have loved to hear someone’s frustration with the lack of TV programs teaching young boys AND girls about healthy relationships or TV programs that teach young boys to interact with people NON-violently. Seems if we work with people to be non-violent/manipulative they may stop abusing their partners.