Efforts to Ban Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions in Ohio/Open Forum



Puppy mills and dog auctions automatically receive a bad reputation because most consider their treatment of dogs inhumane. Two local initiatives are trying to put a stop to them both, but how?


  • Jim Siegel (Statehouse Reporter, Columbus Dispatch)


What are the issues in the news? What’s going on? This segment of “All Sides” is dedicated to callers, so get your calls in early!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000653787179 Veronica F. Murray-Hooffstette

    Ann:  Could you perhaps discuss the “Stop the Madness – No Frack Ohio” rally yesterday( held @ the Ohio Statehouse…)  Bill Cohen of the Ohio Statehouse News Bureau had a nice summary this morning.  There was an excellent speaker yesterday – her entire life has been effected by the effects of fracking…She was THE featured speaker… 

    I am against fracking.  I feel it is dangerous, not sound environmentally, and the jobs it creates is not worth the risks to people; the environment.  In addition to the obvious (the earthquakes,) this young lady who spoke talked about her numerous serious health problems, (she won’t even be able to have children…) and then there is the deafening sound the process produces, the impossible problem of the waste water produced, which is called “brine,” which is a false and misleading term… 

    There is a House Bill being introduced in to legislation… I wonder what other callers think of the process… But mostly I hope you would be able to add more to Mr. Cohen’s piece… he used information for The Columbus Dispatch article of 1/9/12 – the seismologist (there is only ONE in Ohio, ) and how experts from Cornell and other professional seismologists who know the earthquakes are from a direct result of fracking.  

    Could you please speak about the process and open the floor to discussion?  Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000653787179 Veronica F. Murray-Hooffstette

    Open Forum Suggestion continued:
    This is the speech from the Statehouse Rally yesterday.  The speaker is Jamie Frederick of a city near Youngstown.  I highly recommend your audience listens to this.  This is about the REAL DANGERS OF FRACKING.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000653787179 Veronica F. Murray-Hooffstette

    FINALLY:  If not enough time, PLEASE, PLEASE have a separate show/program dedicated to this important topic.  This is just the beginning!  The fight has just begun!  Please know that important Ohio political figures who spoke against fracking yesterday were:
    Representative Bob Hagan (highly recommend inviting him as a guest!!!)
    State Senator Charleta B. Tavares, 15th District (another potential guest,) and
    Representative?  Tracey Heard…
    ALL EXCELLENT CHOICES for a new program.  
    Thank you VERY MUCH!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000653787179 Veronica F. Murray-Hooffstette

    Below:  clarification:
    State Representative Tracy Maxwell Heard, Minority Whip (D) – Another person for your panel of experts.  
    The Cols. Dispatch article referenced was by Spencer Hunt:  ”A seismic shift in Ohio’s concerns over earthquakes…”  The photo caption with the article:  ”State seismologist Michael Henson keeps watch over 26 earthquake detectors at the H.R. Colins Laboratory in Delaware County.”  ”Hansen pretty much IS the seismic network.  The part-time state employee keeps watch over 26 earthquake detectors with an annual budget of $20,000…”

  • Tokiwaza

    You know, the health and treatment of these puppymill dogs doesn`t just affect these poor souls, it impacts people in Ohio, other States and now Canada.  Canada you say?  Why yes, a huge number of Canadian dog rescue groups take in hundreds and hundreds of puppymill dogs and mill dogs dumped at US shelters. Why?  Because they are suffering, and sick and ill bred and going to be gassed or stabbed in the heart (heartstick) or dumped in a ditch on the side of the road.  Yep, Canadians know how dogs are treated by the millers in Ohio and cause we love dogs so much, no matter where they`re from, we step up and help.  I have driven 27 hours straight with my sister to Ohio and grabbed over 24 dogs from one shelter because the gassing truck had arrived. As soon as we crossed into Canada all the dogs were taken to the vet and treated. Each one of them was adopted into a loving and kind home. Do we have mill operators, yup, but not as bad as Ohio.

  • VG08

    can someone please tell me if there is a place to sign the petition online?  If so, I’d love to have it and crosspost to FB.  Thanks!!

  • Mgibson315

    Having experienced the condition of puppies coming from the sugarcreek auction, one having maggots coming from its rear end, I cannot feel that there is any way to recommend puppy mills.  This in my opinion is why we have so much violence in our country.