Education Reform in America



Former Washington D.C. Chancellor of Public Instruction Michelle Rhee has fought for education reform in America for years. On this hour, Michelle joins us in studio to talk about her latest work with an advocacy group she founded and her new book coming out in February.


  • Michelle Rhee, Former Washington D.C. Chancellor of Public Instruction and Founder & CEO of StudentsFirst
  • Greg Harris, Ohio State Director for StudentsFirst

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  • Stephenstraw

    Question for Ms.Rhee:  Journalist Robert Samuelson pointed out in a newspaper column about 2 years ago that spending per pupil in the nation’s high schools has greatly increased since 1970, yet students’ academic performance has steadily declined during this period.  Why has higher spending had little effect on students’ peformance over this period?  What are the underlying causes of poor results in the nation’s schools?  Why has students’ overall motivation  fallen, as Samuelson thinks it has?