Discussion of the Governor’s Tax Proposal



Last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich released his budget proposal which includes tax cuts for small businesses and a lowering of the state income tax. On this hour, we’ll discuss the details of the proposal.


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  • Johnbabik

    This doesn’t sound good. KASICH and company are putting the finishing touches on destroying middle and lower income people.

  • Concerned Retailer

    I am concerned with the broader picture of shifting the tax
    burden from income tax to sales tax. Sales tax is a regressive tax
    that unfairly takes a higher percent of low-income individuals. I
    am also concerned that reliance on taxing goods and services is
    counterproductive in encouraging consumption.

    Having said that, the Retail sector has been subject to sales tax
    for years. By spreading this burden across the board and allowing
    more industries to help share, this is allowing a reduction in the
    sales tax I am already subjected to as a retailer.