Cuba: Open for Tourism? and A Conversation with Roger Blackwell



Travel restrictions to Cuba have been eased by President Obama.  We’ll talk with a Cuban-American who recently visited Cuba, and also hear from a professor focused on Cuban-American studies.


Roger Blackwell, a nationally recognized marketing expert and public speaker, joins All Sides for a conversation.


  • Roger Blackwell (Public Speaker and Marketing  Expert; author, Consumer Behavior)

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  • Milton Sanchez-Parodi

    The conversation should be more internal and domestic.  We need to look at the dismal policy our government has against the Cuban people. Cubans are well aware of their system and their form of democracy, which in their view is much more democratic than in the US.  The leadership in Cuba has been a successful one in keeping the US and the anti-Cubans form Miami to retaking their control of Cuba and implanting the usual anti-democratic, dictatorial government of the past.  No wonder Cubans now re-elect their leaders over and over again.  We in the US need to look at our own economic failures, access to education and healthcare and the costly electoral process, which benefit mainly the rich,  prior to criticizing other countries form of government.  

  • Loubar76

    I wish that you would have had more than one person sharing their experiences in Cuba. I am first generation American who has visited my family in Cuba serveral times and I have a very different experience in visiting Cuba. This show only showed one side–which was very disappointing.