Controversial Reynoldsburg Teacher Contracts


School leaders in Reynoldsburg have proposed merit-based pay increases and eliminating employer based health insurance.

As a result 50 teachers have resigned since last August.

Opponents of the new proposal claim merit pay won’t actually help students or teachers excel, instead adding undue stress and incentives to cheat the system. Their counterparts believe the new rules will lead to harder working teachers, and therefore a better learning environment for students.

Charlie Boss, a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, explained that there are many people on both sides of the argument surrounding the proposed contract changes.

“People will point to studies in the past that have said merit pay doesn’t really show proof that it boosts students achievement,” Boss said. “While advocates will say that merit pay can reward, retain and motivate educators.

Gina Daniels, a spokesperson for the Reynoldsburg Education Association, vehemently rejected the claim that the new contracts would benefit anyone.

“With merit pay, it sort of implies that teachers are all in it for the money. Most teachers, they go into it to help the kids,” Daniels said. “The teachers in Reynoldsburg, we feel that the proposal that the board has brought to us is very disappointing to the teachers we feel its almost downright disrespectful.

“It puts too much of an emphasis on test scores and testing, and takes away from the collaboration and the excellent work that were doing in the district and puts far too much stress not he students. It’s just not a proposal that is best for our community,” Daniels said.

Tricia Moore is the community outreach coordinator of the Reynoldsburg City Schools. She said the school leaders are standing by their decision, and they hope an agreement can be reached soon.

“We’re very hopeful and even confident that it won’t come down to a strike. We would be extraordinarily disappointed if we could not reach an amicable agreement with our teachers as we always have in the past,” Moore said.

For more information about the proposed changes and what prompted them, listen to the full hour of the show here.


  • Charlie Boss, reporter for The Columbus Dispatch
  • Gina Daniels, spokesperson for the Reynoldsburg Education Association
  • Tricia Moore, community outreach coordinator of the Reynoldsburg City Schools

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  • Greg

    Listened to the segment. Quite frankly, I’m a little shocked that Tricia Moore could state that only 3 teachers in the Reynoldsburg school system received an “Ineffective” rating towards the beginning of her interview, and then turn around an imply that a “higher percentage” of the teachers leaving the district were among those who received an “ineffective” rating. What exactly does that mean? 1 Teacher? Maybe 2? Exactly how many teachers are leaving? Sounded like many more than 1 or 2, otherwise why would it be mentioned?

    This sounds like politicking by the board to me. It seems obvious that teachers are leaving the district because they do not like the contract proposal and don’t feel its in the best interest of their students, as Gina Daniels specifically stated. A statement that was ignored by Ms. Moore, by the way.

    I think if this board wants to get a deal done with the teachers, they need to stop politicking and start actually negotiating. Taking away health care is NOT going to attract anyone to that district, and the offer of a “cash subtitute” for actual healthcare is ridiculous. Offer the choice of receiving a cash payout if you’re serious about that, but still give teachers the option to elect for their existing healthcare plan if they so desire. Instituting a merit pay system with 50% of a teachers potential raise based on a single test (or even 2 tests) will not attract any qualified teachers. Those are legitimate gripes by the teachers union, and I hope that the board will quit attempting to “spin” this situation into something it isn’t and start actually attempting to resolve these issues with their teachers.

  • Concerned

    Disgusting…absolutely disgusting!