Columbus Zoo Levy: Pros and Cons

Columbus Zoo Gate

Photo: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The proposed zoo levy could also fund another wildlife attraction in downtown Columbus.


On May 6th, Franklin County residents will vote on a permanent property tax increase meant to fund improvements to the Columbus Zoo. Some feel the hike is too high for one county to bear, and are skeptical of the levy’s promised economic benefits. Others think the zoo offers enough to justify an increase. This hour, we’ll weigh the pros and cons.


  • John Kulewicz, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium board member and levy committee co-chair
  • James Becker, legal counsel for Citizens for Responsible Taxation

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  • Leabrand

    I’ve been wavering on the Zoo Levy, I already pay a fortune in property taxes and was horrified by the incompetence of the zoo employee who killed one of the big cats rescued from the Zanesville debacle. But when I find that a Koch brothers organization is behind the “defeat the levy” propaganda wave I have to wonder. I’ve found that if the Koch brothers are against something then it’s more likely than not to benefit the average taxpayer. I’ll be voting FOR the levy. I just wish the Koch brothers could be voted out.