Columbus School Levy: Voters Decide



The Columbus Board of Education recently voted to include a property tax hike question on the November ballot. If approved, it would raise taxes about $315 per year per $100,000 of property, which would help charter schools, expand classrooms, upgrade equipment and more. This hour we’ll talk about the levy, its supporters and detractors.


  • Dan Good, interim Superintendent of Columbus City Schools 
  • Bill Bush, education reporter with the Columbus Dispatch
  • Sam Gresham, co-Chair, No School Takeover Coalition
  • Bill Sims, president of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools

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  • ricker

    Great program. Steve Brown kudos. Sam Gresham just gets it. Mr Bush continue your print dialogue.

  • Again

    Just so you know, the highest elementary, highest middle and highest High School in the Columbus area are charter schools. I am sure the 15,000 Columbus parents that send their kids to charter schools are not going to support this levy either – because they are tired of being disrespected and they are quite tired of THEIR property taxes only going to district schools and NOT to the schools their children are attending. The state budget gave more money to ALL schools, not just charters. Charters get ONLY the state minimum. Cols City students get $13,000 per kid now, Cols charters get $6500 per kid. But, all you progressive protestors are a-ok with treating some kids as second class citizens. wow.

    • CW1959

      Again, which are the highest rated schools in Columbus? Thanks.