Columbus Pride 2011 / Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival


10:00 This hour on All Sides we will discuss this weekend’s Pride festival. This year’s celebration is the 30th annual celebration in Columbus, and this year they are honoring LGBT elders.

Pride Weekend is June 17–18.


  • Karla Rothan, Executive Director, Stonewall Columbus
  • Rupert “Twink” Starr, gay activist, age 88

10:40 Also this hour we will discuss this weekend’s Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival. We will have a special musical guest in studio to perform. This year’s festival will be focused on educating young people about musical heritage.

The three day celebration is June 17–19.

Justin Reynolds, the 2010 Rising Stars contest winner performed one of his songs on All Sides. Check out Justin’s performance on YouTube.


  • Justin Reynolds, 2010 Rising Stars Contest Winner
  • Erik Augis, keyboardist for Erik Augis Trio

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