Christmas Cookies: A Discussion of Holiday’s Yummiest Treasures


It’s that time of year again… Cookie season. On this hour, we’ll talk about your cookie recipes as well as our top favorites.


  • Robin Davis (Food Editor for The Columbus Dispatch)

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  • Anna

    It would be hard for me to think about Christmas cookies (or any Christmas cakes/pastries) without Tuula’s European Cafe (in Dublin).  She makes wonderful cookie trays that you can buy in a full or half tray or just one at a time.  She also has a unique list of Christmas tarts and cakes.  I haven’t been anywhere where I’ve tasted better.  She’s Finnish and bakes really simply without a lot of additives or too much sugar.  It’s in the Kroger Marketplace plaza — 3856 Hard Rd. at the corner of Sawmill/Hard Rd.