Cheap Cheep Thrills: Fall Birding in Ohio



Springtime may get all the glory, but fall is just as full of avian activity! In fact, the sky is aflutter with almost 5 billion birds migrating south from Canada. This hour we’ll talk about how to see some of them in action. We’ll also discuss tips for attracting birds to the backyard, how to spot them in the wild, and why no “squirrel-proof” feeder is worth the bucks.


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  • I know

    as an avid nature lover, wanna be biologist, ecologist, and the kid who collected snakes, birds, a squirrel, and crayfish all in 1 hunt and brought them home I always had a sharp eye for nature. Very sharp eye. Hawk eye is a name my friends call me. We bought a squirrel proof bird feeder and it worked for all of 10 minutes. Sadly, a local grey squirrel who was fed by human hand and very friendly tore open a hole in our rooftop air vent and got into the roof. Not attic. Close call. We have needed to stop feeding for over a year now and I miss the many breeds. We had 15 Mourning Doves hang out like they owned our yard. Within 3 feet of us while we bbq and then a hawk took a few, we were guilty, felt bad. Now all we see are the occasional woodpecker, a finch. all of the jays, cardinals, you name it, we had them. Daily. Gone. None of the feeders were fool proof. I also fed the mom grey by hand in my lap several years ago, she must be very old indeed, 7 yrs? easy. We now have 3 new greys, all comfy around us. We can only feed them peanuts and bread and stuff away from the yard now, close enough..