The State of Charter Schools/Occupy Columbus

Charter Schools

Photo: James Sarmiento (flickr)

What do you think of charter schools? What about the Occupy Wall Street movement?



Do your children go to public schools, charter schools, or private schools? Why? On this segment of “All Sides with Ann Fisher,” we’ll be discussing charter schools… Do they work?


  • Molly Bloom (Digital Reporter, State Impact Ohio)
  • Ida Lieszkovszky (Broadcast Reporter, State Impact Ohio)
  • Stephen Dyer (Education Policy Fellow at Innovation Ohio)
  • Terry Ryan (Vice-President for Ohio Programs and Policy at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Foundation)



Have you heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement that’s taken New York by storm? It’s hitting Columbus now, too. Listen in on this segment of “All Sides” as we discuss the frustration that lead to the movement, as well as the goals and future of the protest.


  • Jo Ingles (Correspondent, Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau)
  • Michael Stone  (spokesperson, Occupy Columbus

For more information on Occupy Wall Street, visit their site here. For more information on Occupy Columbus, visit their site here.


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