Car Free Day in Central Ohio



The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission is encouraging all Central Ohio residents to go Car Free on Thursday. Can you do it? In this hour of All Sides, we’ll be discussing alternative transportation options for Car Free Day, as well as the environmental benefits and the cost savings of life without automobiles.


  • Chester Jourdan (Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission)
  • Jeff Stephens (Executive Director, Consider Biking)
  • Marty Stutz (Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Customer Service, COTA)

Join The Conversation

  • Brian Hagemann

    Wondering what people think of our Ohio Department of Transportation spokesperson, Melissa Ayers’ comments on the news a few days ago.  She seems to think that cars are fuel efficient enough and this will only serve to hurt the economy.  Shouldn’t ODOT be on board with promoting public transportation, biking, walking to work etc.!?  Bothers me that they seem to be representing the auto-industry and fossil fuels interests.

  • john kirwin

    Good topic.  During a hair cut at Rosie Agriesti’s shop on 3rd Avenue in Grandview, she said that she had heard that a bike lane is proposed for 3rd Avenue extending west from the Olentangy Trail.  Hopefully, this will be implemented in conjuction with the development of Grandview Commons.  I had been hit twice while biking on 3rd Avenue from cars either entering or crossing from parking lots or side streets.  I would suggest that the address and phone number for an urgent care facility be posted as signage on 3rd Avenue for injured bikers.  After both accidents, I had to pick myself up and walk with my bicycle to home. I was recommended to go to an urgent care facility, which is operated by Doctor’s West on 3rd Avenue in Victorian Village.