Calling All Language Lovers!



Calling all language lovers! An interview with “Grammar Girl” podcast creator and host Mignon Fogarty about good grammar and word usage tips to become more effective writers.


  • Mignon Fogarty (“Grammar Girl”)


Grammar Girl’s Two Book Combo

1. Grammar Girl’s 101 Misused Words You’ll Never Confuse Again Book
This book puts attention on those words that continuously confound the masses. Packed with clear explanations, fun quotations showing the word used in context, and the quick and dirty memory tricks Mignon is known for, this friendly reference guide ends the confusion once and for all and helps you speak and write with confidence.

2. Grammar Girl’s 101 Words Every High School Graduate Needs To Know Book
This handy reference guide is a great starting point for ensuring you know the words that will help you impress your college professors, hold your own among your peers, write killer papers, and simply sound articulate–a skill that will benefit you for years to come. Full of clear, straightforward definitions and fun quotations from luminaries such as J.D. Salinger and Susan B. Anthony, to characters such as Marge and Homer Simpson, this highly useable guidebook gives you the confidence to succeed and sets you up for a lifetime of success.

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  • Mwilson242424

    Several grammer pet peeves:

    “graduating college” (schools graduate students; students don’t graduate schools)

    starting a sentence with “Him/her and I”

    mid/end of sentence, using “with he and I” or “with him and I” (it’s “with him and me”)

    writing “it’s” instead of “its”