Calling All Language Lovers! Grammar Girl’s Ultimate Writing Tips



Despite the move toward all things technological, good writing skills have never been more valued in our world. We’ll talk to Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty, who’s written a new volume on grammar and words… This time for the student in all of us.


  • Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl)

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  • Guest

    On an earlier show, Ann asked Mignon Fogarty about the meaning of her name, and Mignon said she really didn’t know, but that it was short for “mignonette,” a flower. Actually, the French word “mignon” means cute, lovely, and would appear in its feminine form as “Mignonne.” In my childhood, I knew two schoolmates with that name (in Minnesota). “Mignonette” is the diminutive form of “mignon,” so it works the other way around.

  • Serechsolis

    Hello dear Teacher: It is an honor to address you by this email. I am a student to become an English teacher in the near future, but in the middle of the way i have come with many doubts about this fantástic language. My native language is spanish and therefore you could see who i have so many mistakes in my writting, any way i really would Like to be better on the language, because students ask me and i dont know what to answer. I Will be send you my doubts and please dont hesitate to preach me, i really admire you and Hope some day you Will come to ocurre beatiful country and shake personaly to us your great knowledge. First doubt how Will you write in plural the next sentence: when is your birthday? Is It correct to change the verb to be to aré and the noun to plural. Please answer me and Thank you for ranking time to read my email, sincerely Edson Serech.

  • Serechsolis

    To Ann Fisher: Aré you one of the authors of side by side books edition? I would Like to know where to get the information in details of the grammar in your books side by side. I really Like to work with the students book because It has many exercises, but i really would Like to have the info in details of the grammar to go over with the students, Thanks for your time and i Hope to keep in touch, bye