Bletchley Circle Code Breaking: Real and Imagined



The PBS series Bletchley Circle depicts the lives of women who worked as code breakers in London during World War II. Though they were brilliant cryptologists, most were cast aside after the troops returned. This hour we’ll talk about the show and the real-life Bletchley Park, and the experience of the women who lived it.



The second season of Bletchley Circle premiered on April 13 on WOSU TV

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  • mcfontaine

    A great show and a really good introduction to Bletchley Park. Your listeners might be interested in the Bletchley Park Podcast.

    It is the official podcast for Bletchley Park Trust which I produce monthly. We share stories of events at Bletchley Park and every episode we have interview’s with Veteran’s, keeping their stories and history alive for generations to come.

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    Thank you and hope you don’t mind the “advert”.

    Mark Cotton / mcfontaine
    Bletchley Park Podcast Producer