Big Fracking Issues: An Update on Promises and Realities



Last week research revealed that a 2011 earthquake in Youngstown, OH could be linked to hydraulic fracturing in that area. Some worry about fracking’s dangers, citing water pollution and respiratory illness among them. Others say it’s a safe way to extract a wealth of natural gas from the earth. This hour we’ll get an update on the debate in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and see if industry promises have come true.



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  • Kristen Gilreath

    Why does this video start with Tom Stewart already speaking? What did we miss?

  • Kristen Gilreath

    “Its not like setting up a factory that needs air permits and all these other analysis to meet federal requirements, mainly flowing from the federal government, its not like doing that.” OF COURSE IT ISN’T! Since these “natural” gas companies are EXEMPT from the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act! Why isn’t this getting mentioned?!

    Tom goes on to say that if you slow down production of these wells that you’ll be wanting higher natural gas prices. Interesting, since most of their sales go overseas *anyway*.