Bicycle Deaths and the Law



Ohio suffered its third bicycle fatality last month, and hit-and-run incidents are not uncommon when a motorist hits a biker. Many think laws need to be tightened, but the rules of the road may not be enough to keep cyclists safe. This hour we’ll talk about what drivers and cyclists can do to protect each other.


  • Steve Magas, Cincinnati lawyer and bike related law specialist
  • Leslie Strader, Policy Advisor, Columbus Mayor’s Office of Environmental Stewardship
  • Catherine Girves, Executive Director, Yay Bikes!

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  • Ian Brett Cooper

    “some of them [cyclists] are gonna do dumb things and get in the way of cars…”

    ??? They’re SUPPOSED to be in the way – it’s a road for goodness sake – built for EVERYONE to use, whatever vehicle they choose to use on it. Motorists somehow manage to move left to overtake other cars that are “in their way” and bicycles are even smaller and easier to overtake even if they are in the middle of the lane. The idea that cyclists should stay out of the way of motorists is nonsense, and I’m surprised to hear this coming from a lawyer who specializes in cycling law.

    • Chris

      lol… pretty sure what he meant is that the cyclist is actually at fault in some accidents.