Asperger’s Explored in the Wake of Recent Publicity



The Sandy Hook elementary school shooter was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. This sparked debate about the syndrome, and potential connection between Asperger’s and violence. There has also been a controversy about changes to the APA’s diagnostic manual regarding Asperger’s and autism. On this hour, we’ll explore Asperger’s syndrome.


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  • Jralex002

    As a mother of two girls on the spectrum.  I really think that many girls currently are not getting the diagnosis until later in life.  Will the new  Diagnosis help or hurt the diagnosis of Females?  I think Female Autism sometimes looks different than Male.

  • Debra Wells

    When this story aired on All Sides (which I listen to everyday) I was very moved by this mothers story of her son Mikey. I really want to read this book and went to the library to get and they do own this title at all.  I was very surprised. My heart and prayers goes out to all parents who have children with this condition.

    • Diane Bucci

      I just found this link, and wanted to let you know (7 months late) that my book is available at
      Thank you for your interest!

  • Guest

    What is the name of the charter school? I could not hear it.