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Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman recently said the greatest threat facing the city was failure to prepare children for the future. This hour he’ll join us for a discussion of a new cabinet-level education position, and his plans to improve schools . We’ll also talk about the zoo levy and the latest on the development of downtown Columbus.

Horse Racing: Its History and Future

As horse enthusiasts gear up for the Kentucky Derby, some Ohioans are mourning the loss of Beulah Park Racetrack, which is set to shut its doors this weekend. We’ll look at the pressure tracks feel to compete with the state’s new “racinos,” and we’ll take a look at horse racing from its elite origins in the US to the issues it faces in the future.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

It’s that time again: Time to put on those pants with the elastic waistband. Taste of Dine Originals is right around the corner, and this year’s event features dozens of restaurants, vineyards and breweries. This hour we’ll discuss what deliciousness to expect, and how to get tickets. We’ll also find out where to go if you want to dine al fresco.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

On this pre-primary day edition of our Ohio Reporter Roundtable, we’ll take a look at who’s poised for victory and defeat. John Boehner is facing a spirited opponent from the Tea Party, Governor Kasich is not, and the zoo levy’s chances look slim. We’ll also get updates on lethal injection drugs and the state’s same-sex marriage cases.

Write Here: Literature Set in Ohio

Nothing against Michigan, but there’s something about Ohio that inspires great works of literature, from Sherwood Anderson’s influential stories of pre-industrial small-town life, to Toni Morrison’s powerful portraits of race and identity. As the Ohioana Book Festival approaches, we’ll talk to authors who find inspiration from the Buckeye State.

Primary Colors: GOP races and Tea Party challengers

Primary day is here, and we haven’t seen tons of attack ads. But that doesn’t mean all’s quiet in the Buckeye State. Today we’ll take a look at Ohio’s primary system, and examine the threat the Tea Party poses to GOP incumbents this year. We’ll also discuss why electoral excitement is low, and what states can do to boost turnout.

Tech Tuesday: Driverless Car Law, Drone Journalism, Gadgets

Cars that drive themselves and drones that bring us the news may seem like things you’d see in a science fiction movie, but they are very real in today’s society. On this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’ll look at how new technologies are standing up to established laws and catch up on the latest gadgets.

Zoo Levy Failed to Win Over Voters

The people have spoken…about the animals. Franklin County voters have voted against a property tax increase to fund expansions and improvements to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. This hour we’ll talk about what happened at the polls, and what this means for residents of the county and of the zoo.

Wellness Wednesday: Stroke Game, Dinnertime Survival, News Roundup

Mother’s Day is Sunday; can we ever make up for the tantrums we threw at the dinner table? We’ll talk about how to feed the family and keep our sanity with solutions to common mealtime dilemmas. We’ll also learn about a new stroke therapy that is effective and fun, and can be done at home. Then it’s a look at multi-vitamins, DNA and more.

Ohio’s Adoption Records Unsealed

Fifty years ago, Ohio lawmakers sealed adoption records. For the next three decades, adoptees had no way of obtaining birth certificates. A new law gives 400,000 Ohioans, a chance to reunite with their birth families. This hour we’ll talk about who the law will affect, and what sealed the records in the first place.

Operation Paperclip: Nazi Scientists in the US

After World War II, the US had to decide what to do with the Nazi scientists who had engineered a formidable war machine. This hour we’ll talk about Operation Paperclip, a covert plan that brought these war criminals to the US to work as engineers. We’ll discuss whether the operation was unforgivably immoral, and what the scientists contributed.

Farm Runoff and Ohio’s Waterways

We’re live this hour from the Chadwick Arboretum Plant Sale! Spring is when local farms kick into high gear, but the runoff from fertilizers can create big problems for Ohio’s waterways. Just last year, some of Ohio’s beaches were closed due to high algae levels. We’ll talk about how industries and individuals can embrace lower-impact agriculture.

All Sides Weekend: Spring Gardening

Garden Sage Debra Knapke joins Ann live at the Chadwick Arboretum plant sale for a discussion of spring gardening. The long cold winter has left some gardeners scrambling to catch up on their planning and planting. This hour we’ll address all vegetal matters, from tools to pests to soil tests, and more.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

The primary elections are over, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald is set to face off against Governor Kasich. We’ll discuss that race this hour. We’ll also examine the implications of the Tea Party’s primary defeats, and we’ll take a look at a bill to make “Hang On Sloopy” Ohio’s official state rock song.

Catch Me If You Can: The History of Epidemics

Bubonic plague wiped out nearly half of Europe, but our own continent is no stranger to epidemics. Smallpox decimated the native population; Yellow Fever, Cholera and Spanish Flu took out millions more. Now, with the resurgence of polio, ebola, mumps and measles, we’ll look at how diseases affect culture and if modern medicine can stop them.

Sharia Law and Modern Muslims

The world is reeling from news of the abduction of hundreds of Nigerian school girls by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram. The group claims strict adherence to Sharia law. But Sharia is not a codified set of principles, and not an incitement to terrorism. This hour we’ll learn how modern Muslims incorporate Sharia into their lives.

Tech Tuesday: Impacts of E-waste, Africa’s Tech Edge, Gadgets

Ready, set, recycle! The US and China throw away the most electronics of any countries on earth–21 million metric tons, collectively. This hour we’ll learn about a competition to see which nation can present the best ideas for reducing e-waste. We’ll also discuss how Africa leads the way in electronic payment, and get the latest gadget news.

Paying for our Highways: Tolls vs. Gas Tax

Currently the nation’s interstates are toll-free, except to pay for new lane construction. With the Highway Trust Fund set to run out of money, many are turning to tolls as a way to fund highway and transit projects. Others think raising the gas tax is a better option. This hour we’ll talk about several proposals to keep our roads running smoothly

Wellness Wednesday: Childhood Obesity, Hep C News, Calcium Myths

Hepatitis C has now surpassed HIV as the top chronic infection leading to death. There are some new treatments, but they cost $1,000 per pill. This hour, we’ll talk about who’s getting treatment, who has to wait, and who’s paying the bill. We’ll also learn what local schools are doing to combat childhood obesity, and the latest nutrition tips.

Funding Innovation: Government Investment vs. the Free Market

From the telegraph to the airplane to the internet, America has long been a wellspring of innovation. One investor in particular has funded trillions of dollars in defense, manufacturing and biotech projects: The US government. Coming up, we’ll look at the government’s role in industry, and talk with a guest who proposes a New American System.

The Green Burial Movement

When it comes to cemeteries, there is a newer option, a more natural approach, without formaldehyde-based embalming, metal caskets, and concrete burial vaults….in other words, a so-called green burial. Coming up, the green burial revival movement and its ecological value for the future.

All Sides Weekend: Local Music

Today on the show we talk to the organizers of a girl-centered, rock n’ roll camp aimed at female empowerment and creative expression. Also this hour we’ll talk about a new television program produced locally, honoring the Columbus singer/songwriter music scene. Then we hear from a local musician that brings a Nashville sound to Ohio.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio Senator Rob Portman gave a major speech recently, outlining a “constructive conservative” approach to fight poverty. This hour, we’ll talk about the response to Portman’s plan. We’ll also discuss a new gun bill allowing non-Ohio residents to carry a concealed weapon in the state, and get the latest in the race for governor.

Maternity Leave Benefits: US vs. World

When it comes to maternity benefits, the U.S. ranks right down there with Swaziland and Papua New Guinea– it doesn’t have a set policy at all. And fewer companies are offering paid leave. This hour we’ll discuss a new report comparing benefits worldwide, and look at how the U.S. stacks up, and what it means for working mothers and fathers.

Regulating Chemicals in Consumer Products

Of the 80,000 chemicals approved for use in the US, only 200 are required to undergo toxicity testing. But hearings to amend the 40-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act have begun. Everyone agrees the Act needs reforming, but the details are contentious. This hour we’ll look at the proposed changes, and their surprising opponents.

Tech Tuesday: NSA Spying, FCC Rulings & more

Today on the show we talk to the creator of a new FRONTLINE documentary that details the involvement of the Silicon Valley in NSA surveillance practices. Also this hour we’ll hear about the latest FCC issues that could change the way we consume data.

Drones: Applications and Legal Questions

Farmers and filmmakers see exciting potential in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones. But the FAA claims they are unsafe and violate the civil air-space. Until those questions are decided, drones will continue to occupy the skies. This hour we’ll talk about the applications for drone technology, and implications for freedom of speech and privacy.

Wellness Wednesday: Big Health Ideas, Cancer Tales, Domestic Abuse

Of the 1.5 million people diagnosed with cancer this year, many will lose their energy, their appetite and their hair, but not their sense of humor. We’ll hear funny healing narratives on living well with cancer and without hair. We’ll also talk about the MD’s response to domestic abuse, and about a local contest to improve patients’ lives.

Heroin Abuse in Ohio

Heroin use in Ohio has been declared a public health crisis by state lawmakers. The situation has prompted one county prosecutor to reach out to the addicts directly. This hour we’ll talk about the heroin problem in the state and the county prosecutor who is trying to help solve it.

Veterans and PTSD: The Latest Therapies

This hour we’ll explore the latest in PTSD therapies, and how veterans and clinicians are working to fight this post-war battle.

Bicycle Deaths and the Law

Ohio recently suffered its third bicycle fatality of the year, and hit-and-run incidents are not uncommon when a motorist hits a biker. Many think laws need to be tightened, but the rules of the road may not be enough to keep cyclists safe. This hour we’ll talk about what drivers and cyclists can do to protect each other.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Memorial Day signals the unofficial start of summer, but our guests are officially ready to start summer reading. It’s time to crack open (or download) whatever’s going to keep you cool. This hour we’ll talk about the beachy reads and serious literature that should top your list this season.

Live Remote: Ohio’s Changing Suburbs/Future of Golf

Dublin, OH has been ranked the happiest suburb in America, but the suburbs are changing. Big houses and safe streets are still suburban hallmarks, but there’s a push to bring communities together by building inward. Today we’re live from Dublin’s Muirfield Village Golf Club discussing the evolving suburbs, and impending changes to the game of golf.

Wellness Wednesday: Golf Nutrition and Fitness

Golf may not require the strength of football or the agility of gymnastics, but if you’re gonna putt your way to victory, proper fitness and nutrition are essential. We’re broadcasting live today from the Muirfield Memorial Tournament and we’ll look at the relatively recent push to get athletes at the top of their game on the edge of the green.

Ohio’s Energy Present and Future

New legislation in Ohio is aiming to put a “freeze” on the state’s green energy standards. Today on the show we talk about that legislation and what it means for Ohio’s energy future.

Traditional Foods for Modern Times

Whole Foods is now a familiar name in shopping, but the idea of keeping foods whole is not new. In fact, until relatively recently, it was the only option. The age of processed foods may have changed all that, but we’ll talk about a back-to-basics cooking style that connects how food is raised with how it’s prepared and how it nourishes us.

Talking Race in the 21st Century

Racial relations in this country have certainly come a long way in the past 50 years, but conversations about race can still be uncomfortable and difficult to navigate. This hour, we’ll discuss the conversations we’re having personally, and in the media, about racial divides.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Katzinger’s Deli has been serving mile-high pastrami sandwiches for 30 years, and the Columbus landmark just opened a satellite location in the North Market. This hour we’ll talk about what goes into the decision to expand operations, and about the pros and pitfalls of doubling business. Plus, the latest restaurant picks from our food critics.