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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

This hour, join our reporter roundtable for a discussion of the 2014 Ohio governor’s race, the state’s severance tax on drilling, and more.

Open Forum: Zoo Levy, Guns in Schools & more

This hour we open the phone lines to discuss the top news stories you want to talk about. We’ll discuss the proposed Franklin County tax levy for the zoo and whether we should allow guns in schools or churches. 614-292-8513 is the number to call.

OSU’s New President and Public Universities

Ohio State recently named its 15th president, Dr. Michael Drake, who currently serves as chancellor of University of California Irvine. This hour we’ll talk about the challenges facing Drake and other presidents of large public universities.

Tech Tuesday: Video Game Girlfriends, Productivity Apps, Gadgets

The recent movie “Her” depicts a relationship between a man and the friendly female voice of an operating system. This hour we’ll talk about a growing real-life trend of video game-generated girlfriends. We’ll also review the latest apps designed to boost productivity, and find out what’s new in the world of gadgets.

Ohio: Still Smoking After All These Years

It’s been fifty years since the US Surgeon General released the first report on the health consequences of smoking. Thanks to aggressive public health campaigns, smoking rates in the US have never been lower, but Ohio has one of the highest rates in the nation. This hour we’ll ask why Ohio is still smoking.

Wellness Wednesday: Youth Obesity, Flu Update, Fitness for Life

Compared to kids in 1960, today’s youth have different hair, similar glasses, and a lot more pounds. Youth obesity has tripled in the last 50 years, and we’ll discuss a new study showing the road to obesity is paved earlier in life than previously thought. We’ll also get the latest update on the flu, and learn how to stay fit for life.

Russia, Gay Rights and the Sochi Olympics

The Olympics start on Friday, and Russia’s already set a world record for the most expensive Olympics in history. But what has $50 billion built? This hour we’ll talk about the tense social, economic and political climate looming over the games. Plus we’ll gain some insight into Russia’s recent anti-gay laws, and a long history of intolerance.

Drug Education in Schools

Until recently, school kids in Colorado were taught that drugs are bad, in part, because they’re illegal. Then that state legalized marijuana. Even President Obama said pot isn’t more dangerous than alcohol. This hour we’ll talk about the changes in drug education in light of new drug laws, and mixed messages kids are receiving in and out of school

Pop Culture in the White House

From Cicero to Snooki, pop culture icons exert formidable influence over society. And no leader, no matter how strong, is immune to the forces of the music charts or the bestsellers list. This hour we’ll talk about how our presidents, from the Founding Fathers to President Obama, have been influenced by the popular culture of their times.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We’re pretty sure that goes for women, too. This hour, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ll talk to the chef of one of the city’s most romantic restaurants about how he sets the mood with food. And we’ll get an update on all the latest hot spots for an affectionate evening.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

On this week’s reporter roundtable, we’re talking about what’s in the news and on your mind. Republican governor John Kasich could face several challengers this fall– from his political left and right. We’ll get an update on how the race is shaping up, a look at why what’s hampering Columbus’ snow removal efforts this season, and more.

Paws and Play: Decoding Your Dog

Most people consider their dogs a part of the family. But just like a child, dogs need the right kind of guidance if they want to stay out of trouble. This hour we’ll learn how to speak “Dog,” and what Spot’s really thinking when you leave the house without him. Plus, we’ll get tips for teaching new tricks and solving common problems.

Snowed Under: The Struggle to Clear Columbus’ Streets

This is the first year for Columbus’ new snow plow tracking software, but new technology isn’t enough to keep the roads clear of all the snow the city’s gotten this season. This hour we’ll talk about the public and private help the city’s getting, and how it compares to the struggles St. Louis is experiencing this winter.

Tech Tuesday: Google Fiber, Crypto-Currency, Gadgets

Google Fiber wants to bring low-cost, high-speed internet to certain cities around the US. But many local governments are racing to install fiber-optic networks themselves, ahead of the tech giant. We’ll get an update this hour. We’ll also discuss the rise of many crypto-currencies that are gaining legitimacy, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Pony Up: The Columbus Zoo Levy

This May’s primary ballot will include a proposed tax levy for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Auditors estimate the levy would create about $37 million in yearly revenue, but does the zoo need tax dollars? This hour we’ll examine how zoos stay funded, and the effects the levy would have on residents and on business.

Wellness Wednesday: Study Roundup; Testosterone; Olympic Diets

Olympian Michael Phelps won big eating 12,000 calories a day. But it takes more than just calories to keep any body in fighting form. This hour we’ll learn what non-Olympians can learn from elite athletes. We’ll also talk about new studies on the dangers of testosterone replacement therapy, and get a roundup of health studies you may have missed.

Extending Foster Care

For most kids, age 18 is the exciting start of adulthood. But for kids in foster care, 18 can signal the end of legal protections, and a time of homelessness. Some states have extended age of “emancipation” to 21, and that movement has gained momentum in Ohio. We’ll weigh the societal and financial costs and benefits when kids stay a little longer.

Their? There? Here: A Talk with Grammar Girl

Language is a living thing, and when it creeps from one culture to the next, purists take note. This hour we’ll talk about how English has oozed into French parlance (quelle horreur!). We’ll also discuss the correct usage of units of measure, and how the structure of a novel can influence its success. Plus, your questions!

Deity-Free Morality: Atheism in America

Imagine it’s Sunday morning, you look down at your weekly bulletin, and today’s sermon is called “Living Well without God.” Seems like a contradiction, but people all over the world are joining “deity-free” assemblies. We’ll talk about these so-called atheist churches, and how non-believers live ethical lives in a country steeped in faith.

All Sides Weekend: Books

On this Valentine’s Day edition of All Sides Weekend, host Chris Purdy and his panel will talk about the best in romance books and poetry. We’ll also hear an interview with author Edmund White, about his book, Inside a Pearl, which chronicles White’s move to Paris in the 1980s, and his struggles and ultimate peacemaking with French culture.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio lawmakers vow to close loopholes to protect whistle blowers; fracking companies are up in arms about a new proposed severance tax; John Kasich wants to reduce the income tax to below 4 percent. In this hour’s roundtable, we’ll talk about what’s happening at the capitol and beyond.

Kick Off Your Knickerbockers! The History of American Fun

Let’s face it: Nothing’s quite as fun as thumbing your nose at authority. Sure, Americans value justice and equality, but a new book outlines how our yearnings to let loose have fueled social revolutions. From the Patriots pranking the Redcoats to the slaves mocking their masters, we’ll talk about a country created by outrageous risks.

Contest of the Century: China vs. America

China, the world’s most populous country, has been gaining power for the last 30 years. It’s emerged as a major economic consumer and producer, and is now taking the first steps of an ambitious global agenda. But its relationship to the US is uneasy. This hour we’ll talk about the future of US-China relations, and why it matters for both countries.

Tech Tuesday: Couple Net, Generation Like, Gadgets

It’s not unheard of for a sports fan to holler for more snacks. But as technology becomes more ubiquitous, a holler has become a text message, even from couples inside the same house. This hour we’ll examine the effects technology has on couples. We’ll also look at how corporations are using kids as marketing tools, and get the latest in gadgets.

Voting Laws in Ohio: An Update on Possible Restrictions

Six days may not seem like much, but when elections are involved, every day counts. Several bills aimed at changing voting in Ohio, one of which cuts the early voting period from 35 to 29 days, are up for a vote in the Ohio House next week. This hour, we’ll discuss the reasoning behind the proposed changes and how these changes may affect voters.

Wellness Wednesday: Mammograms, Fit Cities, Nutrition Tips

By now we all know we should hit the gym, but sometimes we’d rather visit a museum or see a concert by the river. Thanks to some innovative architects, Columbus residents don’t have to choose between physical and social wellness. We’ll learn more this hour. We’ll also look at a controversial new mammogram study, and get the latest nutrition news.

Ukraine: Headed for Revolution?

Last fall, anti-government protesters in Ukraine took to the streets to voice disagreement with their country’s decision not to sign a trade deal with the European Union. Those protests have been raging for months and have left dozens dead. This hour we’ll talk about where the country is headed as pro-and anti-Russian factions continue to clash.

Behind the Toe Loops: The Inner World of Figure Skating

Olympians Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the US’s first gold medal in ice dancing last week, and tonight we wait in anticipation for the final figure skating event: Women’s free skate. This hour we’ll talk about the artistry and athleticism that go in to planning an Olympic-level skating event, from the music to the choreography to the costumes.

Pony Up: The Columbus Zoo Levy

This May’s primary ballot will include a proposed tax levy for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Auditors estimate the levy would create about $37 million in yearly revenue, but does the zoo need tax dollars? This hour we’ll examine how zoos stay funded, and the effects the levy would have on residents and on business.

All Sides Weekend: Music Videos

Music videos help musicians market their songs and add a visual component to an auditory experience. But not every band requires fancy MTV-style productions. This hour we’re talking about the music video production scene here in Columbus. We’ll discuss why bands are choosing to stay local, and the options the city has to offer.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Governor John Kasich will deliver his State of the State address Monday evening, but not everybody agrees on how Ohio is faring. This hour we’ll take a look on the issues he’s likely to address. Plus a discussion of all the topics important to the Buckeye State.

African Americans in Opera

Wagner, Verdi…Joplin. Scott Joplin, the composer known for his ragtime pieces, also wrote opera. In fact, in the last hundred years, several African-American composers have made significant contributions to opera and yet almost none are household names. We’ll talk about black composers, and take a look at an upcoming concert featuring their works

Ohio’s Bid for Political Conventions

It’s a well-worn phrase: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, and the state’s three largest cities are hoping to win a bid for a 2016 political convention. This hour we’ll talk about what really happens to a city when it hosts these huge political gatherings, and if Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is right to expect a convention-based boom in business.

Tech Tuesday: Pre-Crime, Tech Biz, Mobile News

It’s a cop’s job to catch criminals, but what if they could stop potential criminals? It’s not just the stuff of comic books. The Chicago police department is piloting a program to tag likely criminals before they’ve committed any crimes. We’ll learn more this hour. We’ll also talk about the latest in the tech business world, and get gadget news.

Gay Marriage Amendment: Ballot-Bound?

In 2004, Ohio voted overwhelmingly to ban gay marriage, but a new poll shows half of the state’s citizens approve of gay marriage. Some proponents are pushing for a vote on the issue later this year, while others say the state needs more time. This hour we’ll talk about the poll results, and what they mean for same-sex marriage in the Buckeye State

Wellness Wednesday: Sugar Sabotage, CPR, Chronic Pain

If you learned CPR five years ago, you’ll remember a mouth-to-mouth breathing component. But guidelines continue to change, and CPR’s effectiveness remains to be proven. This hour we’ll talk about what to do when hearts stop. We’ll also learn about the chronic pain epidemic and how to wean ourselves off hidden sugars.

High School Mentorship and Dropout Rates

In his latest State of the State address, Ohio Governor John Kasich spent 20 minutes on education. He proposed a mentorship program whose aim is to bring community members and students together to improve dropout rates. This hour we’ll talk about the latest data on mentorship, and learn the successes and challenges of some Ohio programs.

The Black Films of 2013

Oscar-worthy or not, the films of 2013 featured a high percentage focused on the African American experience. From the gripping “12 Years a Slave,” to the biopic “42,” these movies tell stories of race relations in this country. This hour we’ll discuss whether films like these advance a dialog, and how audience response relates to a film’s message.

Chilly Chiggers, Frosty Fleas: The Bugs of Winter

A lot of insects take a snooze during the winter, and these days it’s a wonder we can’t hear their tiny teeth chattering (OK- they don’t have teeth…). This hour we’ll talk about the bugs of winter–including the stinkbugs who have likely found refuge in your home as they wait out the cold. Don’t despair. Tune in and then take educated action!

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

This hour, we’ll talk about a lineup of arts programming so hot it’ll make you forget how low the mercury had dropped. We’ll hear from the director of a group that crosses boundaries to bring the arts to everyone. We’ll also learn what’s new with Ballet Met, and check in on the happenings at the King Arts Complex.