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Climate Change and Human Health

Changes in climate have shaped human history and will undoubtedly shape our future. This hour, we’ll talk with experts about what the future of climate change might look like and what it will mean for public health.

Tinker? Tailor? What You’re Meant to Do

My Son, the Folk Singer was a parody album in the 1960s, whose title plays on the idea that moms don’t brag about kids with non-traditional careers. This hour’s guest says we are too often influenced by even well-meaning advice of others, and we should judge success by our own terms, and only after assessing what we love and what we’re good at.

Gray Matters: Advancements in Brain Science

The neurological degeneration caused by Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Disease can be devastating. And though these diseases are becoming more prevalent, the outlook for treatment has never looked so promising. This hour we’ll talk to one of the superstars of neuroscience about how technology is giving patients their lives back.

Paring Down: Budget without Sacrifice

Anybody staring in at their post-holiday credit card bill knows it’s time to budget. This hour we’ll talk to a man who cut his family’s spending significantly, without wearing paper bags or eating out of a dumpster! We’ll learn how to decide what’s important, where you’re wasting your dough, and why 2014 could be your smartest financial year yet.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

It’s a new year, and this means it’s time to treat your palate to some new flavors. Join All Sides Weekend host, Marilyn Smith, ,Columbus restaurant critics and chef, John Dornback, to decide what tastes, both new and old, are must-tries for 2014.

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

It’s a new year at the Ohio Statehouse, and like so many of us, politicians are looking to make some changes in 2014. This hour, our panel of reporters will shed some light on the political forecast for the Buckeye State, including the the fact that the race for governor is getting more crowded. Plus, we’ll hear the latest on this subzero weather.

Can Do: The History of Positive Thinking

If there’s one value experts of all disciplines espouse, it’s a positive attitude. From politics to parenting to health, Americans have learned that a can-do spirit is the most important element in any equation. But that’s not always been the case. This hour, we’ll talk about the rather recent movement that defined the psychology of our country.

Care Not Cure: A Palliative Care Conversation

Modern medicine allows doctors to prolong life in remarkable ways, but not everyone wants to live for the sake of longevity. This hour we’ll talk about the increasing trend away from heroic medical treatments, and toward a focus on managing the physical symptoms, the psychological pain and the spiritual toll of a serious illness.

Tech Tuesday: Legal Tech Cases, Black Market Cell Phone, Gadgets

We’ve all heard of Colombian drug cartels, but now there are Colombian smartphone cartels, stealing cell phones in Miami and flying them to Bogota. This hour we’ll talk about this $30 billion worldwide market, and its often tragic consequences. We’ll also get a look at the latest legal cases involving technology, and the newest tech gadgets.

Prospects for Peace in South Sudan

In July of 2011, revelers celebrated in the streets of the city of Joban, the capital of the newly-formed Republic of South Sudan. But even then there were fears that ethnic divisions would divide the country. This hour we’ll examine the prospects for peace in light of the recent stream of violence that’s left over a thousand people dead.

Wellness Wednesday: Stressed Kids, Nutrition News, Obamacare

In the winter, it can be hard to kickstart your car’s engine. But if you’ve tried to get out of bed on a January morning, you’ve probably had trouble kickstarting yourself. This hour we’ll talk about how to fill your body with nutritional high-test. We’ll also learn how to help kids with anxiety and depression, and more on the rollout of Obamacare.

Midlife Reinvention: A Conversation with Jane Pauley

Jane Pauley began her career in TV news over 30 years ago, but only recently have lifespans allowed for careers of that length and longer. It’s not just twenty-somethings who have to figure out what path to take, and this hour we’ll talk to Pauley about her new book celebrating those over fifty who’ve had the courage to reinvent themselves.

Fertilizer, Algae and Our Water

Tap water tasting odd? Columbus is spending $600,000 to treat algae in water from the Hoover Reservoir. This algae is likely safe for consumption, but the farm fertilizer runoff producing algal blooms is causing changes to our ecosystem. This hour we’ll get an update on filtration efforts, and talk about a program designed to curb nutrient runoff.

All Sides Weekend: Sensory-Friendly Performances

Everyone should have equal access to the arts, but few theaters and programs are designed with the specific needs of the audience in mind. This hour we’ll talk about a local organization that works to promote the enrichment of art for all abilities, across all mediums.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s been in a lot of trouble lately over the George Washington Bridge scandal that just came to light. Our panel of reporters will investigate what this means for Christie’s political alliance with John Kasich, and the upcoming gubernatorial elections. Plus, the future of the Tea Party, “fiscal notes” and more.

Treasures to Timpani: Auctions for Good

Programs like Antiques Roadshow have given hope to anyone hanging on to a quirky vase from Aunt Edna, but a partnership between the Columbus Symphony and Garth’s Auctioneers is offering donors a fun way to give back. This hour we’ll talk about how to identify a potential treasure, and how to use it to make a difference in the community.

Civil Rights Through Children’s Literature

From the time she was little, Mahalia Jackson was singing songs of freedom. And then she met Martin Luther King, a man whose spoken words have come to define American civil rights. This hour, we’ll talk about a children’s book that illustrates their partnership, and talk about how books can teach kids the tumultuous history of race and equality.

Tech Tuesday: Family Apps, Surveillance, Consumer Electronics

As a kid, family game night likely meant finding a place on the floor to spread out Twister. But there are hundreds of game apps that require only a tablet or smartphone, and a little discernment. We’ll tell you which ones are family-friendly. We’ll also learn how the NSA imperiled the internet as a whole, and get the latest from the CES conference

Gone to Pot? Legalizing Marijuana in Ohio

Thousands of Colorado residents recently waited in long lines for the chance to legally buy recreational marijuana for the first time in 77 years. Pot is legal for medical use in 20 states, but Ohio is not one of them. This hour we’ll talk about the movement to decriminalize the drug in the Buckeye State, and why opponents say it’s a bad plan.

Wellness Wednesday: Alzheimer’s Test, Taft’s Fats, Obamacare

Over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and for many people over 50, a forgotten phone number can feel like the beginning of a long decline. We’ll talk about a test to help detect the early symptoms of cognitive decline. We’ll also compare President Taft’s weight loss struggles with our own, and get the latest on the rollout of Obamacare.

Ohio Reporter Joe Hallett Retires

For forty-two years Joe Hallett has brought breaking news to his readers, but time flies when you’re staring down a deadline, and he’s decided to call it quits. Mostly. This hour we’ll give Joe a warm radio sendoff and take a look at his northwest Ohio roots and the career that took him around the world.

The Arts and Social Change

Art doesn’t just sit on a wall, or dance on a stage, or evaporate into the ether. It has the power to make enormous societal improvements. This hour’s guests are an artist/homeless advocacy team who paired up to raise awareness and funding for a badly needed shelter. We’ll talk about the partnership and the power of practical creativity.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Author Robin Yocum grew up in Brilliant, OH, and his appearance on All Sides Weekend is a continuation of his illustrious trajectory. He’ll join host Christopher Purdy and the literati for a discussion of the latest and greatest literature. We’ll also talk about what’s keeping the book critics warm during these cold gray days.

Minimum Wage, Living Wage, and the Working Poor

On January 1st, Ohio’s minimum wage increased by a dime to seven dollars and ninety-five cents per hour. Coming up, we’ll talk about the the pros and cons of the minimum wage and its relationship to a living wage, whether they are the same thing or a case of never the twain shall meet.

Tech Tuesday: Net Neutrality, NSA and Google Contact Lenses

Last week, President Obama addressed growing concerns about NSA surveillance and to offer reforms. This hour, we’ll take a closer look at the President’s proposals and what they might mean for our data. And speaking of surveillance, we’ll hear about a new consumer grade flying drone you can set up to follow and record your every move.

The Future of the Death Penalty

Last week convicted killer Dennis MCGuire was executed in Ohio using an untested cocktail of drugs. Witnesses say he struggled and gasped for breath for 10 minutes before he died. This hour we’ll examine the difficulty of finding drugs for use in executions, and discuss the reactions of some rights groups and legislators in the wake of this event.

Wellness Wednesday: Diet Soda Sabotage, Clean Sleep, Obamacare

If you have a dirty mind, no worries. A good night’s sleep won’t erase all non-PG thoughts from your head, but it will clear your brain of dangerous toxins. This hour, we’ll talk about sleep as nature’s cleaning agent. We’ll also find out why fewer calories in a cup may equal more calories on a plate, and get the latest in the rollout of Obamacare.

Deity-Free Morality: Atheism in America

Imagine it’s Sunday morning, you look down at your weekly bulletin, and today’s sermon is called “Living Well without God.” Seems like a contradiction, but people all over the world are joining “deity-free” assemblies. We’ll talk about these so-called atheist churches, and how non-believers live ethical lives in a country steeped in faith.

Columbus’ Clintonville Neighborhood

Columbus’ Clintonville neighborhood is a pretty happening part of town, but that hasn’t always been true. This hour we’ll trace this enclave north of campus and south of Worthington from its sleepy roots to its status as a present-day hipster hangout. We’ll also examine its newest challenge: an influx of rats that has flummoxed city officials.

All Sides Weekend: Local Music

One of today’s singer/songwriters said the word “country” was “pregnant with innuendo.” But All Sides Weekend isn’t afraid of a little innuendo, so this hour, we’ll talk to some artists who have embraced the term and made it their own. We’ll hear live music played in-studio by our guests, and we’ll talk about what inspires their work.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Though it is not official yet, Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune says he still plans to run in the democratic primary for governor. This hour, our Ohio reporter panel will examine his chances and look at the strategy Ohio Democrats plan to use in this year’s campaign.

Chilly Chiggers, Frosty Fleas: The Bugs of Winter

A lot of insects take a snooze during the winter, and these days it’s a wonder we can’t hear their tiny teeth chattering (OK- they don’t have teeth…). This hour we’ll talk about the bugs of winter–including the stinkbugs who have likely found refuge in your home as they wait out the cold. Don’t despair. Tune in and then take educated action!

Job Creation and Higher Ed

Time was when a high school education could get an Ohioan a pretty good job in a factory, or working in a mine. But some point to the new “knowledge economy” as a sign we need to invest more in colleges and universities. Ohio’s job creation numbers are some of the lowest in the nation, and this hour we’ll discuss the link between jobs and higher ed

Tech Tuesday: Anti-Bully Tech, 2nd Machine Age, Gadgets

Just as the internet has presented new venues for harassment, it’s also enabling anti-bullying groups to locate the perpetrators. This hour we’ll talk about the online avengers who are leaving justice to their devices. We’ll also discuss the economic outlook, and how it interweaves with the golden age of technology. Plus, the latest gadget news.

Columbus Schools Data Scrubbing Scandal

Four Columbus area principals are being fired after a state auditor’s report showed evidence they’d falsified data to improve their schools’ standings. This hour we’ll talk about the scandal, what’s being done to make amends, and the culture of intimidation and fraud State Auditor Dave Yost said plagued the district.

Wellness Wednesday:Alternate Day Diet, Patient Safety,Health Coach

If you ate just a bowl of soup Monday, you’d probably want bacon chip pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday. And now scientific research says…dig in! This hour we’ll discuss an every-other-day diet. We’ll also learn how surgeons are urging patients to stay safe under the knife, and about coaches who are breaking all the old stereotypes.

State of the Union Recap: Upward Mobility Edition

If you watched the State of the Union address, you may have heard a pretty confident Commander-in-Chief. Obama addressed many issues including restoring upward mobility. He also said he’d expand opportunity with or without congressional help. This hour we’ll look at the speech, and Obama’s plans for his last two years in office.

Body Politics: The History of Health Care Policy

Even before the Affordable Care Act, one-fifth of Americans had some health care paid for by the federal government. But all health care programs are born in controversy. We’ll take a look at the politics that surrounded the start of the Veterans Health Administration, and how those debates were echoed a centurylater with the dawn of Obamacare.

Rare Football Films: The Newsreels

Before televisions were in every home, and long before live streaming, sports newsreels allowed football fans to watch players in action. This hour we’ll talk about the importance of archived footage and discuss some rarely seen historical highlights. Plus we’ll take a look at the surprising influence of the game on American culture.

All Sides Weekend: Arts

This hour on All Sides Weekend we’ll get an update on the best of the arts in Columbus. We’ll hear about what’s hot, and what’s sure to keep you warm this season.