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A Biography on President John Quincy Adams

John Qunicy Adams doesn’t usually make it on the “top Presidents” lists, but his parents truly believed he was destined for greatness. On this hour, we’ll chronicle the life of Quincy Adams.

A Look at an Influential Ohio Woman on Television: Ruth Lyons

It has been said that Ruth Lyons may have invented the modern talk show format on television today. On this hour, we’ll talk about who this influential woman was in her time and how she changed television.

Nanoparticle Health Risks: Facts and Fiction

Nanoparticles are being manufactured and used in many of the products we use everyday but some believe that not enough research has been done on the potential health and environmental effects.

Wellness Wednesday: Salt, Genetics, Arsenic

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve made some sort of promise to yourself this new year: to eat smarter, exercise more and pay more attention to your health. In the spirit of all that, we are introducing a new show every Wednesday dedicated to wellness.

A Conversation with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

Today on All Sides we review the highlights of last year, as the city steps into a brand new era. Mayor Coleman will take a look ahead to the city’s education and other issues facing Columbus.

Tom Burns: Exploring the Winter Night Sky

Explore everything about star gazing and winter night sky with Tom Burns

An Inside Look at the American Food Industry

Do you eat well? Do you think Americans eat well? One journalist set out to observe the American food system and how Americans get their food, and came out with a new book on her undercover research.

All Sides Weekend: Restaurants in Columbus

It’s the beginning of a new year. All Sides Weekend will cover the best places to eat in Columbus, the menu trends for the coming year, and also take a look back at some notable new restaurants that opened in the year just past.

Reporter Roundtable: Statehouse Politics in the New Year

Join us for a Reporter Roundtable discussion looking forward at state politics in the coming year. We’ll consider the big agenda items Ohio is looking forward to in 2013.

Aftermath of the NHL Lockout

With the NHL lockout over, players are getting ready to suit up for a shortened season. This hour we’ll discuss the impact of the strike on fans, the city, and the league.

Recruiting Somali Public Safety Employees in Columbus

We’ll learn more about recent efforts in the Columbus and Minnesota public safety sector to recruit from the Somali and eastern African communities.

Tech Tuesday: Cyber Security, Apps and CES 2013

It’s time for Tech Tuesday… On this hour, we’ll give you some tips for protecting your cyber security, then we’ll talk about some new apps and gadgets for the new year.

A Conversation with OSU President E. Gordon Gee

OSU Sophomores are set to be required to live on the main campus next year. We’ll talk about that, the transition to the semester, the controversial parking-management change and more with OSU President Gordon Gee.

Wellness Wednesday: Tele-healthcare, Medicaid, Exercise Machines

We’ll explore the future of healthcare, Medicaid, and the history of exercise machines.

NPR’s Political Junkie Talks Politics

It’s a new year, and a new year means more news in the political world. On this hour, NPR’s Political Junkie will give us a rundown of the latest in politics.

Discussion of Sexual Violence in our Culture

As the courts begin to grapple with the rape charges against two high-school students in Steubenville, what are the trends in youth sexual violence and what do they tell us going forward?

Renegade Parenting: Unconventional Wisdom on Raising Children

No matter how smart you are or how prepared you feel, nothing can make you feel as inadequate as being a parent sometimes. On this hour, we’ll talk about a relatively new perspective on child rearing: renegade parenting.

All Sides Weekend: Golden Globe Preview and Oscar Nominations

It’s the movie awards season and it’s time to honor the great films of 2013. On this hour, WOSU Midday Host Amy Juravich will preview the Golden Globe awards as well as discuss the newly announced Oscar nominations.

Open Forum: January 14, 2013

It’s a new year, and there’s new news. On this hour, what do you want to talk about in the news?

What Does it Mean to Be a Great Teacher?

Teachers impact all of us, in many ways. On this hour, we’ll talk about what it truly means to be a great teacher and how teachers get to that level.

Fiscal Cliff Scenario of the 1930s and its Relation to the Present

The landscape of U.S. history is riddled with peaks and valleys of prosperity and depression. And what the economic topography of the past shows us is that the current “fiscal cliff” is definitely not the first. Today, we’ll consider the fiscal cliff scenario of the 1930s and its relation to the present.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media in Columbus and Gadgetry

It’s time for Tech Tuesday! On this hour, we’re talking about a new social media group in Columbus and the latest in gadgetry.

Education Reform in America

Former Washington D.C. Chancellor of Public Instruction Michelle Rhee has fought for education reform in America for years. On this hour, Michelle joins us in studio to talk about her latest work with an advocacy group she founded and her new book coming out in February.

Wellness Wednesday: Bad Habits, the Flu, and Exercise

It’s time again for Wellness Wednesday on “All Sides.” On this hour, we’ll talk about the flu spread in America, the latest on making good habits and breaking the bad ones for the New Year and the latest on exercise science.

State of Central Ohio Real Estate

If you’re feeling bullish about your prospects as a homeowner, you’re not alone. The chief economist with the National Association of Realtors predicts that home values nationally could rise 15 percent and home sales more than 20 percent during the next three years. But will that be true for Ohio as a whole, and more specifically, central Ohio?

Favorite Sweet Treats/New Stories of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dessert seems to be a favorite of many when it comes to all things foody. On this hour, we’re talking about our favorite sweet treats. Then, in the last segment, we’re talking with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece who has written a new book with her family’s stories of the great man.

Discussion of Sexual Violence in our Culture

As the courts begin to grapple with the rape charges against two high-school students in Steubenville, what are the trends in youth sexual violence and what do they tell us going forward?

All Sides Weekend: Arts in Central Ohio

There’s always plenty to do in Columbus, especially for those interested in the arts. On this hour of All Sides Weekend, we’re talking about the top upcoming arts events in the area.

The Obama Presidency: Looking Back and Going Forward

This hour, we’ll consider the President’s options going forward in a second term: foreign policy, nuclear security, healthcare, education and much much more.

Tech Tuesday: Bookless Libraries, Ultrabooks, and Gadgets

Whether it’s on an Apple Ipad, Amazon Kindle, or some other tablet device, many people are choosing to read their words from a screen instead of a book or magazine. We’ll talk about how this trend might impact libraries today and in the future. Plus, Ultrabooks and more gadgets…

Economic Forecast for 2013

Economic forecasters are in debate over the forecast for 2013; some say it’s good news while others say it’s bad. On this hour, we’ll talk about the national and local economic forecast for 2013 with a few economy buffs.

Wellness Wednesday: Dieting, Catastrophic Care and Cancer Research

Wellness Wednesday is back! On this hour, we’ll talk about a few trends in dieting, a new book called ​Catastrophic Care, and the implications of cancer research at The Ohio State University.

The Fear Project: Overcoming Fear to Reach Full Potential

Jaimal Yogis, a journalist, went on somewhat of a sabbatical to research fear and overcoming it. On this hour, we’ll talk with Jaimal about the book that resulted from his research, ​The Fear Project​.

Oddly Normal: Challenges Facing Gay Youth and Their Families

John Schwartz, a journalist for the New York Times, and his wife suspected their son was gay long before their son came out. On this hour, we’ll talk about how families cope with the struggles facing gay youth.

The Gap Year Trend in Higher Education Today

A gap year is the year between high school and college, when a student takes a year to do something other than college. Some colleges and universities buy into the notion and hold enrollment during the break… Others aren’t so sure it’s worth the investment. We’ll hear about the so-called gap year trend in higher education today.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Since the weather outside is so very frightful lately, it’s much easier to cozy up on the couch with a good read than do just about anything else. On this segment of All Sides Weekend, Classical 101 Host Christopher Purdy will host a panel to talk about the top books for the season.

The Real American War in Vietnam

Journalist and author Nick Turse set out to find the real story behind the American war in Vietnam. What he found was less than pleasant, and he decided to write a book detailing some of the brutal events of the war. On this hour, we’ll have a conversation with Turse about his new book, ​Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.

Calling all Language Lovers!

Grammar Girl is back on All Sides today! On this hour, she’ll answer our questions and your questions about use of the English language.

JobsOhio Case At the Ohio Supreme Court/Homelessness in Columbus

The Ohio Supreme Court has taken up the question of constitutionality for the governor’s privatized development agency, JobsOhio. In this segment, we’ll talk about the case and its implications. Then, how many homeless people are among us? We’ll talk about the state of homelessness in central Ohio.

Tech Tuesday: Android Actors, Pushpins App Development, Tech News

Robots on stage? On this hour, we’ll talk about a new production at the Wexner Center for the Arts that uses ‘android actors.’ Then, one local Columbus man worked with his partner to develop an app for smartphones… We’ll talk about the app and its production. And finally, we’ll talk about some tech news and give updates on hot gadgets.

History of Second Amendment and its Relevance in Modern Society

The Second Amendment has been a topic of conversation over the last few months, in relation to the latest mass shootings around the country. On this hour, we’ll talk about the history of the Second Amendment and the law’s application to our modern society.

Wellness Wednesday: Football Concussions, Bad Breath and Menopause

On this Wellness Wednesday show, we’re talking about Alzheimer’s and its connection to concussions in retired football players, curbing the effects of bad breath and dealing with menopause.

Asperger’s Explored in the Wake of Recent Publicity

The Sandy Hook elementary school shooter was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. This sparked debate over the classification of the syndrome, as well as the potential connection between Asperger’s and violence. On this hour, we’ll explore Asperger’s syndrome.

Recent Immigration Proposals from Senate and President Obama

Earlier this week, a bipartisan group of eight U.S. Senators unveiled a proposal for immigration reform. On this hour, we’ll compare and contrast the Senate plan with the President’s plan that was also announced earlier this week, and we’ll hear from opponents.