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Archived Programs for January 2011

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Making the Most of Unexpected Changes / Legal Rights of Student Athletes

Making the most of unexpected changes in our lives, and the legal rights of student athletes.

In-home Services Maintain Independence of Seniors and Disabled

Programs and services in Central Ohio to help older adults continue living at home, and long-term care at home for seniors and the disabled as a civil rights issue.

Creative Approaches to Cutting Education Costs

Creative education for our children.

Youth Social Service Programs in Ohio / Preventing Mistakes with Checklists

Youth social services in Central Ohio; and the importance of checklists.

Interview with Mayor Michael Coleman

A conversation with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.

Ohio State Budgeting System

Changes to Ohios’ budgeting system and agency operations.

The Year in Politics

As Ohio politics take a dramatic turn with a Republican Governor and Republican majority in the Ohio General Assembly, a look back at 2010 and look forward to the new year

The Amazing Life of Frank Sinatra

The amazing life of Frank Sinatra, with author and biographer James Kaplan.

Why We Get Lost

Human’s navigational feats (and shortcomings).

Inauguration Day: A Look at Past Governors and Government in Ohio

A look at the history of Ohio’s governors and politics.

Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System in Ohio

Mental illness and the criminal justice system in Ohio.

“Social Media” News and Journalism

The impact of social media on the news media and popular culture.

Condominium Conundrum

Are condominiums still a good investment?

Autistic Adults in the Workplace

How do we prepare autistic young adults for employment and higher education?

Tucson Arizona Shooting

Coverage of the shooting near Tucson Arizona reported to be an assassination attempt on Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona.

Science and Tips for the Curious Cook

The science of food and helpful tips on good cooking at home

Meditations on Hip-Hop Culture Culture and Youth

A young man’s struggle to balance hip-hop culture with intellectual life

All Sides Weekend: Food

The best food and restaurants in Central Ohio.

The August, 1963, March on Washington

Reflections on the August, 1963, March on Washington

The History of the Civil Rights Movement

A discussion about how Civil Rights history is told and understood.

NPR Ombudsman, Alicia Shepard

A conversation with NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard.

Homeland Security After 9/11

Are we safer from terrorism almost ten years after 9/11?

Privatizing Ohio’s Prisons

The pros and cons of proposal to outsource prison administration to private corporations in Ohio.

Regionalism; Repealing Estate Tax

“Regionalism,” combining government entities, or sharing functions among government entities, as a possible governance reform and cost saving measure, and two points of view about H.B. 3, the proposed repeal of the Ohio Estate Tax.

New York Times Reporter Kidnapped by the Taliban and His Wife

A look at the war in Afghanistan through the dual perspective of a journalist and of his wife.

A Playwright’s Troubled Childhood Inspires Discussion about At-Risk Youth

A playwright and his play about his troubled childhood, and new approaches to working with at-risk youth.

All Sides Books: Critics Picks from 2010

The best books and reading for winter.

Home Organization and Hoarding Disorder

How to de-clutter and organize our homes, and the hidden disorder of compulsive hoarding.

Columbus Parent Magazine Editor on Parenting

Hear from the editor of the go-to guide for central Ohio families, Columbus Parent Magazine editor Jane Hawes.

Ethical Queries: Law Enforcement & Mental Illness

The ethical dilemmas of ordinary citizens and the adequacy of the mental health and law enforcement systems.

Gay Rights in Ohio

The Daily Beast ranked Ohio as one of the least tolerant states on gay rights, while Columbus ranks among the most gay metros in the country.

State of the Union Address Analysis

Analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union Address with OSU and OWU Political Science Professors.

Oil and Gas Drilling in Ohio State Parks

Proposals to allow oil and gas drilling in Ohio state parks as source of revenue.

The Rising Costs of “Public” Education/ Accounting for Columbus’ Homeless Population

Are public colleges and universities really “public”? And: Living homeless in Columbus.

High School Sophomore Starts Operation-4-Homeless Veterans

Open forum, and a Mifflin High School sophomore is developing a project to refurbish vacant Columbus homes into transitional housing for homeless veterans.

Interview with Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

A conversation with Jimmy Wales, founder of the open-sourced and collaborative web-based encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

All Sides Weekend: Movies

Local film critics discuss movie awards season and the Oscar nominations.


Will Governor Kasich’s plan to privatize the Ohio Department of Development bring more jobs to Ohio?

Death Investigations

A PBS FRONTLINE report reveals the dysfunction behind America’s system for death investigations.