“Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us”


Waiting in traffic, a tapping pencil, someone checking their blackberry when you’re trying to talk to them- all of these actions may be summed up with one word… annoying.  However, we might be able to scientifically justify the frustration we often feel with these things that annoy us.

We’ll discuss a new book, Annoying: The Science of What Bugs Us, that aims to provide scientific explanations for annoyances in our lives.  Perhaps learning about the aspects of certain actions and events that annoy us can help us better shield ourselves from them.

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  • Kellicox1

    what i find annoying is people’s verbal habit of using “uh” every other, 2nd or 3rd word. supremely annoying! why not just pause silently? i can not bear to listen to this type of speech, i quite literally have to walk away. so, i am sorry to say that due to that, i was not able to listen to your second interview re: empathy experiment at capital university due to the university president’s speaking style. ANNOYING! had i ever encountered a professor in one of my college classes who spoke in that manner, i would have walked out of the first class and then dropped it. his speech sounds lazy and uneducated. i could find no empathy for this. otherwise, i enjoy your show and listen when i can, barring the “uhs”. thank you.