All Sides Weekend: The Music of 2013



Music critics looking back at 1913 had a lot to talk about: the dawn of Modernism, a young upstart named Irving Berlin, and the riot Igor Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” incited in Paris. A century later, on this edition of All Sides Weekend, we’ll look back at the local music of 2013–what made a splash, what made us think, and what flew under the radar.



This Hour’s Playlist

Head 2 Wall Records

Tim Easton

Vital Filmworks

Phillip Fox Band

Mug and Brush videos

614 Magazine

Brothers Drake Meadery




Way Yes

Lydia Loveless

Music Loves Ohio!


Jared Mahone

Nick D and the Believers

The Regrettes

Night Family

All Dogs

P Blackk

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  • Angie Redmond

    Catching this conversation was a nice surprise this morning.

    One comment I wanted to make is that from a national perspective I would say there most certainly IS a Columbus sound. It seems to me the bands coming out of Columbus receiving national attention nowadays- Saintseneca, Connections, Way Yes, Times New Viking- all have that Yo La Tengo-ness about them and get the buzz. And are always compared to Guided By Voices. It’s hard to pin down all the other top-shelf greatness we offer from the other genres (EYE, Nick Tolford, Struck By Lightning, Nervosas, etc), and it would be so amazing for one label to put the city indefinitely on the map.

    And not to forget there have been a few other nice Pitchfork or NPR shoutouts for Columbus in the noise genre:

    Lastly, I just wanted to mention that when folks talk about the “day jobs” of musicians in this city, let’s not forget about the guys booking shows, barbacking, and doing sound that make it all happen! Kevin at bourbon street, Jeff at Ace of Cups, these guys bring in INSANE talent to this town. I could go on!

    (PS: How could you forget to include Nemesis on the list above?! That was the best part of the entire show!)

    Thanks for letting me rant and for having this conversation. Our city has so much to offer, it’s really nice to hear so many people see it.