All Sides Weekend: The Best of Arts and Culture in Central Ohio



Join Classical 101 Host Christopher Purdy for a discussion of music with three members of the Columbus Symphony.


  • Betsy Sturdevant (bassoon musician, Columbus Symphony Orchestra)
  • Gene Standley (horn musician, Columbus Symphony Orchestra)
  • Andy Millat (trombone musician, Columbus Symphony Orchestra)

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  • Olev

    Thank you Christopher for having the musicians on your show!  Interesting to hear talk about the early days of this orchestra, these musicans, with Christian Badea.  Columbus has been blessed with a very dynamic, gifted orchestra for decades. This was demonstrated with many memorable performances with Siciliani, in the years of “conductor search”, and the beautiful recording of Tchaikovsky 5 CD with Hirokami. Emerging from the most recent challenges, the new Music Director Jean-Marie Zeitouni is bringing a new wave of excellence and excitement.  I hope the community wil respond with support and affirmation!