All Sides Weekend: Restaurants in Central Ohio

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Photo: Caylee Scholtz (flickr)

Good food is sometimes hard to come by... On this hour, we'll talk about the top restaurants in our area.



Looking for a good place to dine out this weekend? WOSU News Host Marilyn Smith will host a panel on the top restaurants in central Ohio.


  • Rich Terapak, WOSU Food Critic
  • Rich Terapak, WOSU Food Critic
  • Miriam Bowers-Abbott, Restaurant Critic for Columbus Underground

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  • Columbusanna

    We have a great european bakery on the northwest/Sawmill/Hard road part of town.  It’s called Tuula’s European Cafe.  Tuula is Finnish and makes excellent foods from scratch.  If you’re looking for a nice valentine’s day treat, she makes a cookie assortment that smells out the word, ‘love’.  You can see pics on her facebook page (Tuula’s European Cafe).

  • WalkerEvans

    We’re really happy to have Miriam on board with us at CU! Always been a big fan of her work at TOP (and listening to her on WOSU) and happy we can help keep her voraciously eating and sharing her insights with the local community!