All Sides Weekend: Restaurants



Looking for a good restaurant to visit this weekend? On this hour of “All Sides,” News Host Marilyn Smith will host a panel on amazing local restaurants in central Ohio.


  • Rich Terapak (WOSU Food Critic)
  • Steve Stover (Food and restaurant writer, a contributor to “Edible Columbus”)

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  • Dick Dieffenderfer

    Marilyn & Foodie Guests:
    During your restaurant reviews please repeat the name of the restaurant you have been talking
    about before you switch to the next topic or restaurant.
    I get interested in remembering the restaurant name and location after I have heard about your reviewers experiences and recommendations.
    Dick, NW Columbus

  • TimG

    Am I the only one disturbed by Hunan Lion (Bethel) apparently offering shark fin soup?
    Does anyone know if it’s an “imitation” of the revolting original?
    TimG NW Columbus