All Sides Weekend: Books


11:00 am

On this Valentine’s Day edition of All Sides Weekend, host Chris Purdy and his panel will talk about the best in romance books and poetry. We’ll also hear an interview with author Edmund White, about his book Inside a Pearl which chronicles White’s move to Paris in the 1980s, and his struggles and ultimate peacemaking with French language and culture.


  • Kassie Rose, WOSU book critic
  • Kevin Griffith, poet, English professor at Capital University

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  • Martha Kuhn

    A) A Very Long Engagement was indeed made into a movie, one that got two Oscar nominations and won many awards. I was fortunate enough to be in San Francisco when it came out so I could see it as I don’t think it was shown in anything but the big cities.

    B) I have tried to read Louis Bromfield’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, and couldn’t plow through it. However, I love his books about farming!

    C) I’d say that The Notebook was a contemporary member of the “Love Story – Bridges of Madison County” genre.