Adult Children Helping Parents with Finances



Parents are supposed to be the ones worrying about and taking care of their children, right? Well what happens when children become worried about the Social Security, annuities, and insurance policies of their parents? Join us on All Sides as we talk to Jeff Opdyke, an expert on how to navigate retirement with your parents.


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  • Norma Tarazi

    It is hard to get permission to help elders before they get into desparate conditions.  I worried about my mom’s mental deterioration for years but she shut out my concerns.  finally when she was unable to drive and I offered to drive her I was able to come to her doctor appointments.  I was able to push in my concerns.  Results – the two bloodpressure meds she was taking were removed and she is able to do much better thinking straight now.  Another note – she should have been off the road several years before we got her to agree to quit.  We finally got her to accept my brother to be in charge of her finances but it has been a long struggle.  We are dealing with slow mental deterioration.