Abortion Restrictions in State Budget/ Consitutional Conservatism



This past Tuesday, language was placed into the Ohio Budget that added new abortion restrictions to the document. We’ll talk about what these new restrictions entail this segment on All Sides.


As our nation faces many economic, social and national security threats, author and former Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell believes the road with the most promise travels back in time to the fathers of the constitution. We’ll talk about this “constitutional conservatism” this segment.


  • Kellie Copeland (Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio)
  • Stephanie Krider (Director of Legislative Affairs, Ohio Right to Life)
  • Ken Blackwell (Former Ohio Secretary of State)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1789037935 Paul Vitartas

    The issue of abortion, on either side of the coin, is frankly sexist.  In legislative efforts, fathers of the unborn are granted no rights to indeed be a father.  They are by lack of law, left out of the “choice” entirely.

  • Miss

    Paul - maybe that’s because they’re “left out of” all that gestating and childbirth :/

    The law does not permit people to use others’ bodies without their consent. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allyson-Engle/502619027 Allyson Engle

    As my Senior Pastor at the Conservative, Evangelical, Fundamentalist Church I used to go to once said, “if you have to keep something in secret, it’s probably not morally right.” He actually said that it wasn’t right in the eyes of God, but not all Pro-Life people are Religious, so I changed it.

    It irks me that Stephanie and Right to Life take the moral high ground, yet they’ve known about this since January. We should have had a hearing. Turning off your phone is characteristic of a dictatorship.

    And Paul, when you can get pregnant as a men, let us know please. Until then leave the woman to choose what happens to her body. She is not your property nor the fetus’ property.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Allyson-Engle/502619027 Allyson Engle

    Things I don’t support my tax dollars going to:
    -Tax cuts to rich, since the bush tax cuts came from my Social Security Dollars
    -Congressman getting high salaries, getting an excellent  retirement plan, and getting health insurance that they refuse to provide the working class that come exclusively from government funds.
    -Big Oil Subsidies
    -Big Farm Subsidies
    -Big Bank Subsidies
    -Vouchers that go to Religious Parochial and Private schools, because it violates the separation of church and state
    -Faith Based Charities that are allowed to use Bibles as equipment.
    -War, which I don’t believe in and kills innocent children

    If this passes, which it won’t because it’s so murky law wise, I expect every pro-lifer to  respect my right to not pay for things above. But I can dream on that the stuff above will be answered especially with the Religious School Vouchers and Faith Based Charities since some Pro-Lifers are religious.