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Balanced Budget Amendment

Governor Kasich’s been traveling the U.S. pushing for a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to balance its budget. The national debt stands at $18 trillion, and some feel it threatens future prosperity. We’ll talk about that, the politics of a new amendment, and why others feel it won’t lead to fiscal responsibility.

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Life After Football: Surviving the NFL

Next week over 100 million people will watch Superbowl XLIX. Most of those players are at the top of their game, but one helmet to the chest, and an athlete can lose everything. We’ll discuss what happens to football players–physically, financially and socially– when they’re no longer able to play, and how the NFL can help athletes off the field.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Governor Kasich is on the road again to pitch his plan for a balanced budget amendment in Washington. He’s touted his success at balancing Ohio’s budget; now he wants the feds to do the same. We’ll discuss his efforts this hour, as well as those of the state’s pro-pot lobby, and the new Democratic challenger in the race for the Senate.

All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

This hour is all about what’s hot in the world of arts and culture, and Mendelssohn lovers rejoice: The Miro Quartet joins the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra this weekend for a program that pairs romantic era classics with a regional premiere. Plus, we’ll learn which dance and theater events not to miss this season.

Genetically Modified Crops Continue to be Contoversial

Ohio farmers have joined a lawsuit against a Swiss agriculture company for selling genetically modified corn before it was approved by China, a major corn importer. This hour, we’ll explore the larger issue of genetically engineered crops, the concerns over health and environmental risks, and the role they play in feeding the world.

NHL All Star Game Buzz, Columbus Chill, and a Hockey Musical

The Columbus Blue Jackets and the city of Columbus have been selected to host the 2015 National Hockey League All-Star Celebration. The city will be finding many ways to celebrate, including two hockey lovers who decided to create an original hockey musical. Coming up, the back story of how hockey has changed the city of Columbus.

Tax Policy and Income Inequality

In his state of the union address, President Obama discussed a tax plan aimed at boosting the middle class. His plan comes just days after a report finding the world’s richest one percent own half of all global wealth. We’ll how taxes affect income inequality, and if the president’s cuts and hikes can bridge the gap between rich and poor.

How Music Improves the Aging Mind

Music might be a universal language, but science is just starting to understand its uses as a treatment for memory disorders. Over 5 million Americans suffer from dementia, and this hour we’ll learn about how music can restore not just identity, but a sense of meaning during our later years.

State of the Union Analysis

Last night President Obama addressed the nation in his sixth State of the Union speech. This hour we’ll take a look at what he said regarding income inequality, education, health care and more. Plus, we’ll take a look at the GOP reaction.

Tech Tuesday: Google, Artificial Intelligence, Gadgets

Google is the undisputed king of search. It’s even become a verb. But the move to mobile devices has the company rethinking their entire mission from design to ads to the essence of inquiry. We’ll investigate what’s kept the company relevant for so long. We’ll also discuss the real dangers of artificial intelligence, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Clean Energy and Ohio’s Economy

In recent years, Ohio’s become a leader in renewable energy, attracting over a billion dollars in clean energy investment. But a new study finds that a freeze on energy standards has solar and wind companies exporting work to other states. We’ll take a closer look at Ohio’s alternative energy economy, and hear why some support the freeze.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Maybe 2014 wasn’t the literary milestone you’d hoped for; maybe you read more cereal boxes than novels. Now’s your chance to renew your reading list and kick the year off with top-notch picks from some of Columbus’ most trusted bibliophiles. This hour we’ll learn which books are worth racing to the library for, and new releases to look forward to.

The Great Reformer: Pope Francis’ Vision for the Church

From his ’84 Renault to his endorsement of science, Pope Francis is not your average pontiff. The head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, who just picked a diverse new group of cardinals, continues to make headlines. We’ll discuss the Pope’s efforts, and explore the chances of change for women in the church under his leadership.

Newspapers: From Newsies and Beyond

This week people lined up around the block to pick up the Columbus Dispatch. That itself could be a headline: Many People Buy Newspaper! They wanted physical evidence of OSU’s win over Oregon, of course, but readership dropped so low recently, newspapers are being forced out of circulation. This hour we’ll discuss whether the industry can adapt.

Marijuana: The Economics and Politics of Legalization

In just two months Colorado made $6 million in taxes from the legal sale of marijuana. That’s an argument pro-pot Ohio groups are using to support two legalization measures that might appear on November ballots. But others fear an increase in drugged-driving and strained law enforcement on state borders. This hour: the economics and politics of pot

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