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Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Governor John Kasich’s recent visits to South Carolina and New Hampshire reinforce the notion that he wants to be a presidential contender. The “Heartbeat” abortion bill passed in the House. Also, out-of-state college students might be required to register for a driver’s license to vote.

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All Sides Weekend: Local Music

This weekend, Columbus will host the 21st annual hip hop expo at the Columbus Convention Center. We will take a look at the integration of hip hop and education and talk to the educators behind this weekend’s convention.

Preventing Veteran Suicide

The blockbuster “American Sniper” may have stolen headlines, but another military film won big on Oscar night. The documentary short: “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1″ chronicles the traumas endured by veterans, twenty-two of whom commit suicide every day. We’ll discuss the film and how to prevent tragedy when soldiers return home.

Looking at Sheltered Workshop Models and the Creative Alternatives

Sheltered model workshops were often seen as giving disabled individuals a chance to contribute to society through employment opportunities. The work provided by these places however, can often be dull and sometimes exploitative. Last summer, President Barack Obama passed a bill that has since caused some models to close and others to adapt.

Ohio’s Juvenile Justice System

Ohio spends $554 dollars each day on every incarcerated juvenile in the justice system. In a year, the total amount spent is over $200,000 per youth. This hour: a look at the successes and shortcomings in the Ohio’s juvenile justice system.

Wellness Wednesday: Ebola Lessons, Secret Ingredients, Cancer

One year later, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has caused over 10,000 deaths and affected the lives of so many in that region. We will take a look at the lessons the world has learned since the outbreak, and how we can better prepare for the next outbreak.

Adoption Records Unsealed

Nearly three decades have passed since the issue of adoption records emerged in Ohio. This hour, we look back to the controversies that have followed the issue. We also discuss how opening the records changes things.

Tech Tuesday: Cutting Cable, Kodak’s Future, Android Auto

2015 is the year people can finally say goodbye to their cable subscriptions. Services like PlayStation Vue and Sling are a few companies among a growing many that are now offering people their favorite cable television channels such as ESPN or AMC.

The Impact of Term Limits

Term limits on state legislatures have been in effect for over two decades. With a proposal to extend limits in the works, we look at the impact they’ve had on government.

Innovating Communities to Adapt to the Needs of the Elderly

Ohio’s Delaware County has one of the fastest growing elderly population. This can also be said nationwide as one in five Americans will be a senior citizen by the year 2015. We will take a look at what cities are doing to help form livable communities for senior citizens.

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

In this week’s Reporters Roundtable, we take a look at the ongoing Buckeye Lake issue, as well as traffic cameras, President Obama’s visit to Cleveland, changes to the Charter School Bill, and more.

All Sides Weekend: Books

Multiple copies of your favorite books written by popular best selling authors will be available at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. These books cannot be reserved or renewed, but are available for readers to check out through a grab and go service. Plus, we will hear an interview from author George Hodgman and his new memoir “Bettyville”

Kasich’s Plan to Tackle College Affordability

Governor Kasich wants to reduce the cost of public college tuition, and has promised to “take an ax” to the schools that fail to lower student costs. Average student debt is almost $30,000, and Kasich has formed a task force to find ways to reduce the burden.

The Growing Socioeconomic Gap

A study from the University of New Hampshire shows that the highest 20% in the nation have the fastest growing median family incomes, while growth rates for the lower 60% have largely stagnated since the 1970s. This hour we talk with Professor Putnam about his new book, “Our Boys,” and the viability of the American dream.

US and Iran Nuclear Negotiation Talks

As Secretary of State John Kerry continues nuclear negotiation talks with Iran, we will take a look at what this can mean for the Middle Eastern region and its effect on the relations between the US and Iran. Plus, Republican lawmakers are under fire for signing a letter warning the Ayatollah that any deal struck with the US may not be permanent.

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