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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Republican State Rep. Matt Huffman recently proposed a redistricting plan aimed at encouraging a minority-party vote before new maps are approved. Democrats say it’s nowhere near enough. We’ll talk about that this hour, and about the new OSU marching band report findings and recommendations. Plus, a look at the “heartbeat bill,” and more.

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All Sides Weekend: Holiday Arts and Entertainment

It’s that time again…time to feast your ears! Musical groups in central Ohio are putting the finishing touches on their holiday programs, and gearing up for a season warm enough to melt even the grinchiest heart. We’ll hear some previews this hour, talk to the folks making it happen, and get updates on all the must-see concerts in the area.

Idealism and Realism: America’s Foreign Policy

For two centuries, the U.S. balanced its expansionist ideologies with restraint born of realism. But that balance has tipped. This hour we’ll look at the foreign policy that helped the country emerge as a world power, and the costs of abandoning realist roots. Plus we’ll look at the future of American power in a world requiring adaptable leadership

Improving the Student-Teacher Connection

Despite the struggles over education in the US, most people agree teachers can have an enormous impact; the harder question is what makes them great. This hour we’ll examine practical steps that can build trust among teachers and students, and how collaboration and peer-observations might be the key to improving the quality of education.

Ohio State President Michael Drake

In a recent speech, OSU President Michael Drake said the central tenet of the school’s land-grant mission has never been more relevant. He joins us this hour to talk about plans to keep the cost of education down, privatization of campus utilities, the marching band, and, five months into his tenure, what he envisions for the University.

Wellness Wednesday: Stop Smoking; Nutrition Tips, Child Poisonings

Thanksgiving’s almost here, and while some are watching their carbs, others are searching for pants with elastic waistbands.We’ll learn how to celebrate the abundant harvest without waddling away from the table. And Ohio’s smoking rates remain high; we’ll learn how to make a plan to quit. Plus, the latest news on the dangers of household products.

Capitalism and Climate Change

President Obama recently reached an agreement with China for both countries cut carbon emissions. Both governments set goals, but signed nothing. No nation wants to stifle economic progress, but many see capitalism and environmental responsibility as adversaries. This hour we’ll look at the benefits of both, to each other, and to the world.

Tech Tuesday: Virtual Assistants, Net Neutrality, Tablets

Last week, Amazon announced their version of a virtual assistant. Unlike Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana, the Amazon product is a new appliance for the home. This hour, we’ll discuss the future of virtual assistants and take a look at the FCC’s plans for Net Neutrality.

Balanced Education and Local Control in Ohio Schools

Proposed changes to Ohio schools’ operating procedures have some worried that schools will eliminate important positions like art educators, nurses, and librarians. Advocates for the changes want to give school districts more freedom and control in an era of increasingly tight budgets.

Frozen Fenders: Winterizing Your Car

The area’s recent cold snap has a lot of folks unpacking their sweaters, turning up the heat and hunkering down for the duration. But let’s say you wanted to leave your house at some point: is your car ready for winter? This hour we’ll get maintenance and car emergency prevention tips, and learn how to keep a Hot Rod hot, even when it’s minus 10.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio’s got a new House Speaker. House Republicans picked 33-year-old Rep. Cliff Rosenberger to replace Bill Batchelder in January. We’ll talk about what the choice means for the legislature this hour. And we’ll look issues like redistricting and death penalty drugs, and examine what’s likely to pass–and not– in the lame duck session.

All Sides Weekend: Books

If weather could talk, this season would say Stay inside…read a book… As the cold moves in, this week’s panel has many excellent suggestions for literary ways to avoid yard work. We’ll talk about the latest lit to warm hands and heart this hour. We’ll also find out what’s happening at Thurber House, including an upcoming event with Garth Stein.

ISIS Recruiting Tactics

By now we’ve seen videos of new ISIS recruits, many of whom are women, children and converts to Islam. Experts say this terror group’s appeal for recruits rests in its strong moral pull, promises of power and deep distortion of reality. This hour we’ll explore the technological and psychological tactics ISIS is using to gather extremist followers.

The Legacy of Ohio Governor Jim Rhodes

Ohio governor James A. Rhodes is remembered by some for his role in shootings at Kent State on May 4, 1970. And his refusal to apologize brought many critics. But among the old guard politicos, Rhodes was a bigger-than-life politician who served four terms at the helm of the Buckeye State. This hour we’ll hear from authors of his first biography

Obamacare One Year Later: What you Need to Know

One year after the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, it’s open enrollment season: time again to review your plan or get signed up. A recent poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that there are big gaps in understanding of the ACA, and this hour we look back at its successes and failures, and discuss what you need to know this time around.

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