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Freedom Summer: Fifty Years Later

In the summer of 1964, students from Ohio and across the US gathered in Mississippi to promote black voter education and registration. The movement turned violent, but their efforts paved the way for the passage of the Voting Rights Act. This hour we’ll look back at Freedom Summer, and the efforts of Ohio students to further this brave legacy.

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The Local Seafood Paradox

Eating local is easy when it comes to produce, but seafood is a different story altogether. Despite owning 94,000 miles of coastline, the US gets 91 percent of its seafood from abroad. We’ll take a close look at where our fish comes from, and we’ll hear about the environmental and financial factors affecting Great Lakes fishermen this season.

Repealing the Common Core

The new school year is just around the corner, and Ohio plans to align its standardized tests with the Common Core curriculum. Opponents see this as a federal takeover of public education and are working to pass a bill eliminating the Core. This hour we’ll hear from both sides, and discuss the future of standardized education in Ohio.

Wellness Wednesday: Clear Rx Labels, Aging Muscles, Check-Ups 101

A drug’s side effects can be worrisome and wide-ranging. But there’s never information on whether the drug actually works. We’ll hear a new proposal for a clear way to convey the risks and benefits of what’s in your pillbox. Then we’ll learn how pediatricians prepare kids for school. And we’ll get the latest on staying strong in our golden years.

Cut Adrift: How Families Cope in Insecure Times

We’ve all lost sleep over economic worries or familial anxieties, but many Americans are having to adjust to a world in which crises are the rule, not the exception. This hour we’ll talk about the human costs of the recession, how families have learned to survive in a new economic age, and how their coping strategies may actually fuel inequality.

Tech Tuesday: Streaming Music, Kids’ Apps, Comic-Con

Summer vacation is a glorious time for kids…until they have to spend 8 hours in the backseat of a minivan. This hour we’ll learn about the latest kids’ apps that will keep them entertained on road trips. We’ll also discuss the epic battle of online music streaming, and we’ll get a wrap-up of Comic-Con as well as the latest in gadgetry.

Controversial Reynoldsburg Teacher Contracts

Teacher contracts in Reynoldsburg are attracting nationwide attention. The initial proposal called for merit-based pay increases only, and the elimination of employer-based health insurance in favor of cash allowances for teachers to buy their own. This hour we’ll hear what prompted the changes, who’s pleased and who’s protesting.

OSU Marching Band Culture and Title IX

News of the sexualized culture of OSU’s marching band has shocked the public, and led to the recent termination of the band’s director. This hour we’ll look more closely into alleged violations of Title IX, the 1972 amendment prohibiting sex discrimination in educational settings. We’ll also discuss the pervasiveness and dangers of hazing.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine came under scrutiny recently for doling out lucrative collections contracts to friends of his campaign. A recent federal court ruling could put Obamacare state subsidies in jeopardy, and a new bill would require all Ohio companies to cover the full range of contraceptives. We’ll learn more this hour.

All Sides Weekend: Books

In his debut novel, Smith Henderson writes about a social worker in rural Montana who runs afoul of a paranoid survivalist. The book has gotten excellent reviews, and this hour, we’ll hear from Henderson about its inspirations. We’ll also get our book critics’ top summer reading picks, and learn what to squeeze in before school starts.

Ohio State Marching Band culture

Ohio State Marching Band Director Jon Waters was terminated on Thursday after a university investigation uncovered a sexualized culture within the marching band. Waters’ firing comes after a two-month investigation prompted by complaints made by a parent of a band member.

Mass Incarceration: Victim Advocacy

You might think victims of crimes want perpetrators locked up for life, but that’s not always the case. In this installment of our series on mass incarceration, we’ll examine the role of the victim in Ohio’s criminal justice system. We’ll look at rise of the victims’ rights lobby, and how victim testimony affects the chances for parole.

Wellness Wednesday: Birth Control, Reflux Cough, Nature Medicine

Chronic coughers may think they have asthma, but millions of Americans have a cough that doesn’t begin in the lungs– it begins in the gut. We’ll talk about silent airway reflux, its symptoms and how to stop it. We’ll also hear why doctors feel contraceptives are essential to wellness, and learn how mother nature is inspiring medical innovations.

Ohio’s Charter School Oversights

Last Tuesday, a group of four former Horizon teachers testified for the State Board of Education. Accusations included manipulated attendance records, inappropriate sexual behavior and improper state test handling. Charter schools have more leeway to innovate, but critics worry that they aren’t being held accountable. We’ll learn more this hour.

Tech Tuesday: Robot Journalists, Summer Tech, Gadgets

A dull news article may feel like it’s been written by robots, and thanks to new technology, it’s a real possibility. This hour we’ll talk about where robot journalism is popping up. We’ll also learn about some gadgets essential to having a fun and expeditious summer, and what’s new in the world of home help robots, gaming, and clothes drying.

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