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Improving the Student-Teacher Connection

Despite the struggles over education in the US, most people agree teachers can have an enormous impact; the harder question is what makes them great. This hour we’ll examine practical steps that can build trust among teachers and students, and how collaboration and peer-observations might be the key to improving the quality of education.

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The Militarization of Police Forces

Humvees are essential for bomb squads, but increasingly, local police departments are using military equipment for routine law enforcement. In light of the clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson, Missouri, we’ll look at a new study on the militarization of American policing, and how Ohio’s forces are gaining a military feel.

Wellness Wednesday: Depression, Cluster Headaches, Suburbs

In the 1950′s suburban living was touted as a way to escape the hustle and bustle and dangers of urban life. Now, researchers tell us that the sprawling roadways of suburbia may be home to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Coming up on Wellness Wednesday, we discuss how where we live can influence our health.

FitzGerald’s Campaign and the Governor’s Race

For a while it seemed like Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald was going to give GOP incumbent John Kasich a run for his money. Now his campaign has begun to fall apart at the seams. This hour on All Sides with Ann Fisher we’ll take a look at what went wrong and why.

Tech Tuesday: Back to School Apps and Early Internet History

It’s back to school week for many students across the nation. Today on the show we’ll talk about the best apps to help college students get organized, study better, and manage their finances. We’ll also talk about the internet’s early history and those working to archive it. Then we’ll hear about the latest news in gadgets and games.

Police Practices: Ferguson and the U.S.

The situation in the suburb of Ferguson has raised questions about the use of force by local police. This hour we’ll examine common police practices on the street level.

Mona Lisa: The Woman Behind the Painting

The Mona Lisa may be the most famous painting in art history, but the story behind the real Lisa has remained something of a mystery… Until now. This hour, the life and times of the artist, Leonardo da Vinci, and his most famous subject.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

There’s nothing dull about Ohio’s political scene this August. Join our reporter roundtable today for a discussion of the various issues affecting the Buckeye State.

All Sides Weekend: Arts with Christopher Purdy

Join “All Sides Weekend” host Christopher Purdy and guests for a late summer preview of the best music, dance, and theater Columbus has to offer.

Transitioning to Adulthood with ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD don’t just affect children. More and more adults are being diagnosed with the condition, especially young women. According to a recent report, between 2008 and 2012, the number of women taking ADHD drugs jumped 85 percent. This hour we’ll talk about the disorder, how adults are affected and how they live with it.

US Foreign Policy in a Troubled Iraq

The rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East has called into the question the viability of the Iraqi government and escalated violence across the region. This hour we’ll get the latest news from Iraq and discuss the United States’ options for combating the terrorist group and stabilizing the country.

Wellness Wednesday: Medical Metaphors, Pharmacogenetics

When disease attacks our bodies, our immune systems fight back. Military metaphors abound in the medical world and we’ll take a look at why metaphors matter, and alternative ways to think about illness. Plus, we’ll learn how a simple genetic test could greatly improve patient outcomes by precisely prescribing drug dosages.

Surviving Political Scandal

Scandal! It’s one of the juiciest words in the English language, especially during election season. While some politicians see scandals that take down their careers entirely, others seem to come stronger out the other side. This hour we’ll take a look at what makes a scandal, what makes it stick.

Tech Tuesday: Vine Celebs, Digital Age Families, Gadgets

On average, kids are spending more than 7 hours a day on electronic devices. This means more access to social media, and knowledge, but one author says good parenting starts without technology. We’ll discuss how to build relationships in the digital age this hour. We’ll also hear about the new web celebrities on Vine, and get latest in gadgetry.

Jon Waters on the OSU Marching Band

In fewer than three weeks, everything has changed for once-celebrated OSU marching band director Jon Waters. He was once lauded for leading the band to national fame, but was fired late last month for not addressing the group’s sexualized culture. This hour we’ll hear Waters’ thoughts on why he was dismissed, what he’s learned and what’s ahead.

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