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Gay Marriage and the Courts

A Cincinnati judge recently ruled that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Ohio Senator Rob Portman says he’d rather let each state decide on issues of gay marriage, but the courts may ultimately make the final rulings. This hour we’ll talk about the status of gay marriage and the courts in Ohio and around the country.

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Tech Tuesday: Online Evangelism, Net Future Predictions,Gadgets

Mormon missionaries have a history of traveling globally to do their work. But they’ve started embracing a method that doesn’t involve leaving home: online evangelism. We’ll talk about how Mormons are using the internet to expand their faith. We’ll also discuss Americans’ attitudes toward the future of technology, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Bicycle Deaths and the Law

Ohio suffered its third bicycle fatality last month, and hit-and-run incidents are not uncommon when a motorist hits a biker. Many think laws need to be tightened, but the rules of the road may not be enough to keep cyclists safe. This hour we’ll talk about what drivers and cyclists can do to protect each other.

Disappearing Ice: The Cold Hard Facts

Climate change can sound like a far-off, slow-moving phenomenon, but this hour we’ll talk about a documentary that catches icecaps melting at a rate that surprised scientists and filmmakers alike. We’ll discuss the process of capturing years of footage in the world’s harshest climate, and learn how disappearing ice affects the water we drink here.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Governor Kasich released his first TV ad last week and President Clinton is headed to Ohio in June to stump for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald. We’ll discuss if it’s the boost he needs, and more about the latest state news.

All Sides Weekend: Record Store Day Edition

Happy Record Store Day! Saturday marks the seventh annual celebration of vinyl by music geeks everywhere, and this year there’s something to celebrate: sales of records were way up last year. We’ll talk about vinyl’s comeback and the local record store’s role in keeping the medium alive. We’ll also highlight a local artist with international appeal

Leading Indicators: What Economic Numbers Really Mean

We’re bombarded with facts and figures telling us how much our country produces, how many people are unemployed and where inflation stands. But how many of us know the real impact these numbers have on our lives? This hour we’ll talk about the need for personal–not national–economic indicators, and how local data is the next big thing.

Bletchley Circle Code Breaking: Real and Imagined

The PBS series Bletchley Circle depicts the lives of women who worked as code breakers in London during World War II. Though they were brilliant cryptologists, most were cast aside after the troops returned. This hour we’ll talk about the show and the real-life Bletchley Park, and the experience of the women who lived it.

Ohio’s Adoption Records Unsealed

Fifty years ago, Ohio lawmakers sealed adoption records. For the next three decades, adoptees had no way of obtaining birth certificates. A new law gives 400,000 Ohioans, a chance to reunite with their birth families. This hour we’ll talk about who the law will affect, and what sealed the records in the first place.

Wellness Wednesday: Negative Weights, Brain Manual, Mumps Update

Negative weight training might sound like a theoretical physics term, but it’s a recent fitness trend that helps keep people fit for life. We’ll learn how weight lowering may be more important than lifting. Then we’ll get a peek at a new owner’s guide to the human brain, and an update on the mumps outbreak that has sickened over 200 people.

Blue Jackets Battle for the Stanley Cup

Last week the Columbus Blue Jackets won in overtime, securing a spot in the NHL playoffs. This is only the second time in the team’s history they’ve made it this far, but the real contest begins Wednesday as they battle it out with the Pittsburgh Penguins. This hour we’ll take a look at the Jackets’ chances and at the history of the Stanley Cup.

Tech Tuesday: Racial Avatars, Online Inequity, Gadgets

Some think the Internet is a democratizer; private information, public forums, cat videos– it’s all at our fingertips. But this hour we’ll talk to an author who is worried that private companies and commercialization are replacing freedom and individuality. We’ll also hear about a troubling new study about video games and racial stereotypes.

Death Penalty Task Force

Under current Ohio law, aggravated burglary and kidnapping are potentially punishable by death. Ohio’s Death Penalty Task Force has spent two years reviewing the state’s capital punishment regulations, and it recently published recommendations based on its findings. We’ll discuss whether the report offers necessary reforms, or if it goes too far.

Bourbon: A Spirited Past and Future

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer… or maybe just all bourbon. Corn-on-the-cob is an American favorite, but distill that corn, and you’ve got a quintessential drink that started 400 years ago at Jamestown. We’ll talk about how bourbon’s history has seeped into our culture, and discuss the resurgence of old style craft-whiskey.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

On this reporter roundtable, we’ll be discussing the flurry of activity surrounding same-sex marriage in Ohio, as well as the controversy over a green energy bill affecting businesses. We’ll also get the latest on the gubernatorial race and learn about a death penalty task force that would alter the state’s implementation of capital punishment.

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