Staff and Management Team

Overall management responsibility for WOSU Public Media is held by the General Manager, who reports to the Vice President of University Communications. Day-to-day operations are supervised by a variety of directors.

WOSU Leadership Team
General Manager Tom Rieland
Director, Business Operations Mary Alice Akins
Director of Planning and Initiatives David Carwile
Chief Content Director, Arts, Life, & Culture Brent Davis
Music Director Beverley Ervine
Director of Local Content – TV Cindy Gaillard
Director of Marketing and Communications Meredith Hart
Chief Content Director, Learning and Public Engagement Marcelita Haskins
TV Program Director Stacia Hentz
Digital Media Director Nick Houser
Technology Director Mike Meadows
Manager, Radio Operations and IT Kevin Petrilla
Manager of TV Production John Prosek
Manager of Underwriting Christine Sadic
Chief Content Director, News & Public Affairs Michael Thompson
Manager of Membership Rob Walker
The Ohio State University
President Michael V. Drake
Senior Vice President of Administration and Planning Jay Kasey

Staff Biographies

General Manager – Tom Rieland

Tom has served as General Manager of WOSU Public Media since November 2002. His career started in his hometown in Wisconsin, where he went to College and worked as a DJ at area radio stations including WCOW, where his listening audience was indeed primarily cows. He went on to become a news journalist at commercial TV stations in Pensacola and Memphis before seeking his graduate degree at the University of Mississippi. Tom then served as Director of Public TV and Radio at the University of Alabama, where he also taught in the College of Communications. He serves on a variety of state and national leadership boards and committees in public media and is currently on the board of the United Way of Central Ohio.

Tom and his wife Carol have two daughters and a Sheltie.

Director, Business Operations – Mary Alice Akins

Mary Alice – who is as Irish as you can get (“full-blooded and I have the temper to prove it!”) – was born in Xenia, OH, and survived the tornado of 1974. She has a B.A. from The Ohio State University in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Mary Alice has been married for over 20 years to her husband, Kevin, who currently works for The Scotts Company. Something interesting about Mary Alice: she can crochet a baby blanket and could put in your hardwood floors if needed. Mary Alice comments, “I really do enjoy working at WOSU and I love the people I work with. It’s never the same boring thing every day; you never know what is going to happen on any given day and that’s what makes it interesting.”

Director of Planning & Initiatives – David B. Carwile

A 35-year broadcasting veteran, David Carwile is Director of Planning and Initiatives and serves as an Associate Director of WOSU Public Media. After a turn as a Statehouse reporter in commercial broadcasting in the early 1980s, Dave joined WOSU in 1986 and worked as Director of Radio Programming and Station Manager for WOSU Radio. Today, he also serves as the Administrator for Ohio Education Television Stations, Inc. representing all Ohio PTV stations at the state level. Dave holds Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Education from OSU. Away from the workplace, he is a long-time member of the Rotary Club of Columbus, and serves as the writer, videoboard designer and announcer for The Ohio State University Marching Band at concerts and football games. Dave lives in Worthington with his wife Kathleen.

Chief Content Director, Arts, Life, & Culture – Brent Davis

Brent Davis is the TV Content Director for WOSU Public Media. He believes that it is vital that WOSU is recognized as a primary source for authentic, engaging, and informative content. He joined WOSU in 2003 after 18 years at the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio. He grew up in Missour-uh, as he correctly pronounces it, and has degrees from the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama. He nearly drowned playing intramural water polo at Missouri State University. His hobbies include eluding alumni associations at the various institutions he’s attended.

Music and Program Director, Classical 101 – Beverley Ervine

Beverley expected to be teaching somewhere her whole life. Growing up a teacher’s kid, Beverley thought she’d follow her mother’s footsteps. For a while she did, teaching elementary classroom music & band, high school band, and a music appreciation course at Ohio State while in graduate school. However, Beverley changed directions in 1986 to fill the newly created, full-time position of Music Librarian for the classical radio station. (She was working at the Upper Arlington Library at that time.) Now Beverley spends the bulk of her work hours programming the music you hear. The best part of working at WOSU? She met and married her husband, Boyce Lancaster, at the radio station, where they continue to work together.

Director of Local Content – TV – Cindy Gaillard

Cindy Gaillard is a multiple Emmy Award-winning television producer who started in public broadcasting in 1988 at KNME TV5 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yes, she would be happy to give you a tour of the Breaking Bad landscape and will encourage you to discover the Balloon Fiesta every October, hikes in the Sandia Mountains and Sadie’s – a much better restaurant than any drug kingpin could ever run. She has produced numerous documentaries and concert specials (Columbus Jazz Orchestra, ProMusica) and currently contributes to both Broad & High and Columbus Neighborhoods. She loves her adopted home of Columbus – a resident of Clintonville since 2001 – where she has fallen in love with trees (wow, they’re big here) and the history of the city (James Thurber really lived here!). Cindy holds a BS in child psychology from The University of New Mexico and is completing her MFA at The Ohio State University in creative writing.

Marketing & Communications Director – Meredith Hart

Hailing from New England, Meredith joined WOSU Public Media in 2012 after marrying a native of the Buckeye State. She has an extensive media marketing background and has worked at McGraw-Hill, Nickelodeon Productions and Golf Channel. So, she knows the recipe for slime and can talk about the Florida Swing. Meredith holds a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, and a bachelor’s degree from Colby College in Maine. She is currently a member of the Executive Committee for the Communications Council of NETA; (much easier to say than the “National Educational Telecommunications Association”).

Chief Content Director, Learning and Public Engagement – Marcelita G. Haskins

Marcelita sees it as an ice breaker—playing a guessing game with folks about her ethnicity. “You’re Chinese aren’t you?” She shakes her head. “Japanese?” Wrong, again. She is, in fact, a Filipino—born and raised in Manila. She came to the United States to pursue a master’s degree at Northwestern University. Then, Ohio State provided the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. in communication with an assistantship at WOSU. Now Director of Educational Services for WOSU Public Media, she oversees early childhood education services; the development of multimedia projects for integration into K-12 curricula; and community engagement projects that advance WOSU Public Media’s educational mission.

TV Program Director – Stacia Hentz

Stacia moved to Columbus in 2001 and was hired in June 2002 as the TV Master Control Supervisor. She was promoted in 2006 to Manager On-Air Support Services and in 2008 was appointed to the TV Program Director position. Before coming to WOSU TV Stacia spent 16 years with CNN in Atlanta traveling the world covering the news, behind the scenes. Stacia holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Missouri. She is a past Chairman of the PBS Traffic Advisory Committee and currently serves on the PBS Digital Workplace Advisory Committee, and is a member of the Public Television Programmers Association.

Digital Media Director – Nick Houser

Nick Houser leads the digital media team and oversees all things digital, including,, digital content, the WOSU Public Media Mobile App, social media, enewsletters, podcasts and on-demand video. Nick has extensive experience in the journalism, digital and communications fields. He came from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business where he served as web content manager and before that he was the college’s public relations coordinator. Prior to joining Ohio State, he was an Associated Press Society of Ohio award-winning journalist at the Xenia Daily Gazette, The Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria and the Delaware Gazette. Nick holds a Bachelor Degree in Journalism from The Ohio State University.

Manager, Radio Operations and IT – Kevin Petrilla

Kevin is an Air Force brat who was born in Tampa, Florida and came to Ohio by way of Miami, Massachusetts, and a few other spots. Kevin began his radio career at WOSU Public Media in 1991 when he took a student position as a board operator for 820 WOSU-AM. Soon after, Kevin became involved in other commercial radio stations around central Ohio but enjoyed his experience at WOSU that much more.

He took a fulltime position at WOSU in 1995 after graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS in Zoology. The degree in Zoology has proved invaluable since he works with a bunch of animals. Kevin has been married for over 15 years to his wife, Cheryl, whom he met at WOSU and who currently works for the Health Plan at OSU. Kevin and Cheryl have two boys who enjoy tormenting their parents when not playing soccer, tennis, or baseball. Kevin is currently the Chair of the University Staff Advisory Committee at Ohio State.

Manager, Corporate Support & Foundation Giving – Christine Sadic

A Columbus native, Christine joined WOSU Public Media in January of 2006. She works with other staff members to secure radio, TV, and digital program support, special event sponsors, and local production funding. She has a background in media sales and marketing, and has worked at WSYX/WTTE TV, WCBE-FM, and at WOUB Public Media in Athens. Christine is an Ohio University graduate (two times over) with a bachelor’s degree in organizational communications and a master’s degree in public broadcasting management. Christine and her husband, Adin, have a daughter who is growing up watching PBS Kids programming and she likes to tell her friends that her mom works with Big Bird and Elmo.

Chief Content Director, News & Public Affairs and Host, Columbus on the RecordMike Thompson

Mike Thompson spends much of his time correcting people who mispronounce the name of his hometown – Worcester, Massachusetts. Mike studied broadcast journalism at Syracuse University when he was not running in circles – as a distance runner on the SU track team. Mike has worked in public and commercial radio and television in New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio earning numerous awards for investigative, enterprising, and feature reporting. Mike earned an MBA from Ohio State and uses that knowledge to program 89.7 NPR News and manage Ohio’s best radio news staff. At home it’s Mike’s wife Mary who puts up with him. They have teenage twins- William and Madeleine. Because Will and Maddie now want very little to do with their father, Mike has found the time to resume his running career and competes in the Columbus Marathon and other races. (By the way it’s WUH-Ster or WUH-Stah in the vernacular.)

Membership Director – Rob Walker

Rob joined WOSU Public Media in 1995. In his 20 years, he’s helped WOSU raised almost $50,000,000 through on-air pledge, direct mail, email and telemarketing. Rob has produced pledge for both radio and TV and has worked with PBS pledge talent veterans such as Peter Yarrow, Jim Brickman and Scott Houston. Rob has also hosted national pledge programming for Play Piano in a Flash with Scott Houston. Originally from New York, Rob came to Columbus as a teenager and graduated from Ohio University. Rob is in a committed relationship and has two children.