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Painters create a mural on Portsmouth floodwall's

Beyond These Walls: Building Community Through Public Art

This is the story of the local visionaries in Portsmouth, Ohio and an extraordinary artists who transformed a drab 2,200 foot section of the town’s floodwall into a vast display of public art, history and pride. Watch Preview.

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River Voices: A Documentary Film on the 1938 Ohio River Flood in Portsmouth

River Voices: A Portrait of an American River Community

The Ohio River reached an astounding 74.23 feet, more than 12 feet over the city’s floodwall. More than 32,000 people were displaced from their homes and nearly two-thirds of Portsmouth, Ohio was covered by water. The river left behind unimaginable devastation but the community summoned its strength and responded with a massive cleanup effort that still resonates with people today.

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John Glenn

John Glenn: A Life Of Service

John Glenn: A Life of Service chronicles this American hero, born in Ohio, who has dedicated himself to a life of duty and public service.

Using archival footage and interviews with Senator Glenn, lawmakers, journalists, and historians, the documentary is an inspiring look at Glenn’s incredible career. From a war pilot to being the first American to orbit the Earth to his days in the Senate – and at 77 years of age becoming the oldest person to go into space – the viewer is transported to the pivotal moments in John Glenn’s life when he put country before self.

The DVD contains the documentary as well as several deleted scenes. Learn more about the documentary.

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Woody Hayes

Beyond the Gridiron: The Life and Times of Woody Hayes

A fascinating profile of one of the most gifted and complex coaches of the 20th century. Woody Hayes was one of most gifted and complex coaches of the 20th century.

Luckily, he was also one of the most photographed. Here you’ll find images, letters, media clips which give added insight into Woody’s life away from the football field. The political figure, the military man, and the humanitarian who was also a lightning rod for controversy. Learn more

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Lustron advertisement

Lustron: The House America’s Been Waiting For

The rise and fall of the Lustron Corporation, its innovative founder, Carl Strandlund, and the urban house which made them famous in post-World War II America.

The one-hour documentary, Lustron: The House America’s Been Waiting For, tells the story of Chicago inventor, Carl Strandlund, and his crusade to revolutionize homebuilding by mass-producing steel houses —100 each day — on an assembly line. Learn more

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Ohio Stadium

Birth of Ohio Stadium

Met with initial opposition, the famed Ohio Stadium became one of several preeminent landmarks in Ohio and a nationally recognized symbol of collegiate football. Learn more

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Lazarus Building Downtown Columbus

Many Happy Returns to Lazarus

Many Happy Returns to Lazarus tells how Simon Lazarus came to Columbus from Prussia and opened a store on High Street in 1851 and shows how the Lazarus building, in the heart of the city, would find a place in the hearts of generations of Central Ohioans.

More than a department store, Lazarus became the place of milestones: first haircut, summer job, first bus ride alone, prom dress, interview suit. It’s even the place where countless men and women met—usually as workers in the store, though occasionally as customers—and became husband and wife.

The documentary, and this accompanying Web site, stands as a video scrapbook of the downtown store and features interviews with dozens of customers and former employees, many of them sharing photos and mementos. Learn more

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Louis Bromfield

Louis Bromfield, The Man Who Had Everything

The Man Who Had Everything, the only documentary about Louis Bromfield, chronicles the life of a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, successful Hollywood screenwriter and a true Renaissance man. This celebrated author and screenwriter became one of America’s most famous farmers. The documentary is narrated by film legend and close friend Lauren Bacall. Learn more

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