Judge Grants Jailed Ohio Lawmaker Early Release

By | October 30, 2014

A judge has granted early release from prison to former Ohio lawmaker Carlton Weddington, who was convicted of accepting trips, gifts and campaign cash in exchange for promising to introduce legislation.

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Nonagenarian Ruth Slenczynska Plays Paris in the Spring

By | October 30, 2014

A 90th birthday celebration is usually a gathering of some friends and family, offering a chance to reminisce, swap stories, and eat cake. Ruth Slenczynska plans to have her cake and eat it, too, by following her 90th birthday in January with a trip to Paris…to work.

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October 29, 2014 Full Episode

By | October 29, 2014

On this episode of Broad & High, Terry Allen’s Deer Sculptures, Jim Arter’s Life Within Art, Artist Profile: Mike Elsass, and The Heart Gallery. They’re just two deer, lounging on the banks of the Scioto River watching the world go by.

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