Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest

Curious George in a pumpkin patch
Curious George during his first Halloween, George explores the legend of a hat-kicking scarecrow.
October 22, 2014

Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest returns to WOSU TV on Monday, Oct. 27. The one-hour special will air at 8am and 2:30pm on Oct. 27.

This Week on WOSU TV- October 19-25

17, 2014

This weeks programs take us to Scotland, Iraq, the sky and our backyard at the Franklin Park Conservatory. Sunday- Great Estates Scotland: Kincardine Sunday night begins with a visit to German Village when WOSU presents an encore presentation of COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS: GERMAN VILLAGE.  Next its off to Oxford for another INSPECTOR LEWIS mystery. Thirteen years after [...]

This Week On WOSU TV- October 12-18

10, 2014

The Paradise, season 2, Finding Your Roots, Makers and the This Old House Hour continue this week on WOSU TV. If that’s not enough to keep you coming back all week, we begin a great new series on Wednesday night. Sunday- Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis A new season of Inspector Lewis is back on Masterpiece [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- October 5-11

3, 2014

Tune in for more premieres this week on WOSU TV. Sunday- Columbus Neighborhoods: Worthington The ninth episode in our Columbus Neighborhoods series premieres on Sunday at 8:00pm. COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS:WORTHINGTON is the story of a picture perfect postcard town. Settled by families from New England and founded the same year Ohio became a state, Worthington is [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- September 28-October 4

26, 2014

This week’s schedule is filled with so many great programs it’s hard to decide which ones to highlight. Sunday- The Mystery of Agatha Christie with David Suchet Sunday begins with the Clintonville episode in our COLUMBUS NEIGHBORHOODS series followed by a new Miss Marple on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY!.  Right after Miss Marple solves her latest murder, [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- September 21-27

19, 2014

I hope you enjoyed The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.  This week your favorite programs are back with all new episodes. Sunday- Masterpiece Mystery!: Miss Marple Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple is back on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! solving murders as only she can do.  Sunday’s Miss Marple double-header begins at 9pm with “A Caribbean Mystery.”  Miss Marple is [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- September 14-20

12, 2014

This week WOSU TV begins the 7 part series from Ken Burns, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.  During the series Burns chronicles the lives of the three great Roosevelt’s; Teddy, Franklin and Eleanor.  These three American icons had little in common except for their ability, desire and conviction to lead.  The series begins on Sunday [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- September 8-13

8, 2014

Monday- American Invasion For the past two Monday’s we’ve been focusing on Rommel and Montgomery’s desert warfare.  This Monday we change focus just a bit to examine the impact the arrival of the American solider had on the British population.  A bit of a backwards British invasion.  THE AMERICAN INVASION takes the viewer back to [...]

Weekend Changes on WOSU TV

3, 2014

September is traditionally the beginning of the new TV season.  Viewers will spend a few weeks sampling the new program offers and discovering where their favorite shows are now airing.  WOSU TV has some great new programs premiering in September, like THE ROOSEVELTS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY from Ken Burns and new mysteries from MISS MARPLE [...]

This Week on WOSU TV- August 25-30

22, 2014

This week  begins with a new mystery on MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! and finish’s up with a great profile of photographer Dorothea Lange on AMERICAN MASTERS. Monday- World War II Desert War On Monday evening at 10pm WOSU TV will air the first of a two-part series on the World War II desert war campaign.  This is [...]