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Group Targets Gov Kasich For ‘Privatization’ Efforts

Ohio Voting Sticker
Two weeks before election day in Ohio a national group is critical of incumbent John Kasich for his efforts to privatize some parts of state government.
October 20, 2014

A national anti-privatization group has targeted Republican incumbent Gov. John Kasich over his signature policy decision, his public-private entity that replaced the state Department of Development.

Think Tank Pushes Charter Report; State Says It’s Not Whole Story

Dale Butland says the KnowYourCharter website was set up to give parents data and information about charter schools. But John Charlton says the KnowYourCharter website only picks certain data from the state’s website.
13, 2014

A progressive think tank and the state’s largest teachers’ union have released data they say shows mixed grades last year for Ohio’s students who need to pass a key elementary school test. But the state says that data may not tell the whole story.

Candidate Laments Lack of Debates

Ohio Auditor David Yost (right) speaks during a debate with Libertarian challenger Bob Bridges (left) and Democratic challenger John Patrick Carney (center) at the City Club of Cleveland Monday night.
Ohio Auditor David Yost (right) speaks during a debate with Libertarian challenger Bob Bridges (left) and Democratic challenger John Patrick Carney (center) at the City Club of Cleveland.
October 9, 2014

Democratic candidate for State Auditor John Carney bemoans the lack of debates between candidates leading up to the November election.

Ohio Manufacturers Form New Lobbying Group

A handful of Ohio manufacturers has formed a lobbying committee to fight for workforce related legislation.
8, 2014

Seven large Ohio manufacturers have formed a new lobbying group.

US Appeals Court In Cincinnati Key On Gay Marriage

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Supporters of gay marriage continue to wait for a ruling from the Sixth U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Ohio's ban on gay marriage.
8, 2014

After a series of developments on gay marriage this week, there’s growing anticipation for a ruling by the federal appeals court in Cincinnati.

DeWine Vows To Stand Behind Ohio’s Gay Marriage Ban

DeWine has long been a vocal opponent of gay marriage, but says he's defending the state's gay marriage ban because voters approved it.
October 8, 2014

The Ohio Attorney General’s comments on Tuesday came after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear appeals to rulings striking down gay marriage bans in five states.

In-Person Early Voting Up First Day In Franklin County

early voting
Poll workers wait to assign a voter to a machine at the Franklin County Board of Elections on Morse Rd. The Franklin County Board of Elections reported a decline in early voting on the first day compared to the last gubernatorial election.
7, 2014

Franklin County voters began casting ballots early Tuesday. Fewer people headed to the polls on the first day of early voting compared to four years ago.

Early Voting in Ohio Begins Tuesday

After of flurry of court orders, early voting in Ohio is now scheduled to begin Tuesday for the November General Election
6, 2014

Today is the last day to register to vote in Ohio. Early voting begins Tuesday.

Ohio Governor Raises $1.5M More Toward Fall Race

Republican incumbent governor John Kasich out-fundraised his Democratic opponent Ed Fitzgerald again in October.
October 3, 2014

Political donors poured another $1.5 million into Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s re-election campaign in September, as the term-limited Republican continued to amass a massive war chest against a struggling Democratic opponent.

Ohio’s Voter Registration Deadline Nears

Ohio voter registration deadlines are coming within days.
October 2, 2014

The voter registration deadline for this fall’s election is nearing. Ohioans should double check now to make sure they are registered to vote.