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Non-Compete Clauses For A Sub Shop?

In 2013, Jimmy John's Gourmet Subs was ranked as the nation's fastest growing restaurant chain by Kantar Retail.
21, 2014

Non-compete agreements are usually reserved for the media or executives who could divulge company secrets. But it’s been reported that Jimmy John’s, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in Central Ohio, makes all of its employees sign extensive non-competes.

LawmakersTo Feds: Step Up Ebola Response In Ohio

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was among other Ohio representatives who asked for greater federal help with Ohio in the state.
October 20, 2014

Ohio members of Congress are calling on the federal government to step up assistance to state health officials as it revises safety protocols to stem the spread of Ebola.

Ohio Panel Approves Funding For Ebola Protection

A state agency Monday voted to approve increased spending for Ebola protection equipment.
20, 2014

A legislative panel in Ohio has approved a funding request to help pay for more protective gear for health care workers if the state has a suspected or confirmed case of Ebola.

State: Ebola Monitoring Continues, Contacts Drop

State officials continue to monitor dozens of residents who may have come in contact with a nurse diagnosed with Ebola.
20, 2014

The state says it’s continuing to monitor dozens of people who had contact with a nurse who tested positive for the Ebola virus.

Autistic Adults Receive Medical Care At Center Designed For Them

Dr Hanks and Bryan_2
Dr. Christopher Hanks examines autistic patient Bryan Gaunt.
20, 2014

Adults with autism struggle to find medical professionals who understand their needs. And the demand will continue to grow. That’s why some in the Central Ohio health care community direct their expertise to helping autistic adults.

More Than 100 Monitored For Ebola Symptoms In Ohio

The Ebola virus.
18, 2014

Health officials in Ohio are monitoring more than 100 people following the visit by a Dallas nurse who tested positive for Ebola shortly after returning to Texas from the Cleveland area.

CDC: Nurse With Ebola Said She Felt Funny On Ohio Visit

Amber Vinson
Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson was diagnosed with Ebola after treating patient Thomas Eric Duncan at a Dallas Hospital. She visited family in Akron before being diagnosed with the deadly virus this week.
October 17, 2014

A CDC official says a Texas nurse who has Ebola indicated she “felt funny” and spent extra time resting during a visit to Ohio in the days before she was diagnosed in Dallas.

Ohio Gets More Protective Gear Amid Ebola Concerns

odh ppe
Ohio health officials are stockpiling more personal protective equipment amid Ebola concerns
October 17, 2014

Ohio health officials are increasing the state’s supply of personal protective equipment for health care providers in case that gear is needed for a suspected or confirmed case of Ebola.

Authorities: Columbus Woman Lied About Ebola To Get Treatment

Crews responded to the home on Champion Avenue while wearing protective gear similar to these full-bodysuits.
17, 2014

Authorities say a south Columbus woman who told authorities she was experiencing Ebola-like symptoms after returning from West Africa made up the story to get faster treatment.

State Issues New Ebola Guidelines, Hospitals Respond

A Dallas nurse infected with the Ebola virus visited Ohio Oct. 10-13.
16, 2014

The Ohio Department of Health today issued new, stronger, recommended quarantine procedures in response to suspected Ebola cases.