Calm Surgeons, Patients Listen to Classical Music During Surgery

color photograph of a cardiac operating room in the new part of the Williamsport, Pennsylvania hospital
Studies shows that what you and your surgeon listen to in the OR matters - no matter how you cut it.
19, 2014

Music isn’t brain surgery. Except when it is.

It Was 2014: The Arts in Columbus, Past, Transitions and Future

18, 2014

The arts in Columbus during 2014 and transitioning into the new year.

Babylonian Music is Actually Alive and Well

18, 2014

Thanks to the work of Stef Conner, Andy Lowings, and The Gold Lyre of Ur project, now you don’t have to be Indiana Jones to understand ancient Babylonian and Sumerian music. In fact, you can purchase it next month.

A Cathedral Organ Made of LEGOs

color photograph of the interior of Durham Cathedral shot from the rear of the  nave and looking at the apse
LEGO models of Britain's Durham Cathedral and its Willis organ are being built as a fundraiser.
18, 2014

A British organ maker is pulling out all the stops with its miniature organ for the LEGO model of Britain’s Durham Cathedral.

Corigliano and Brahms on Next Classical Showcase

18, 2014

On Friday evening at 7, the next Classical Showcase continues with another live concert performance from the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

Happy Birthday, Ludwig!

Ludwig van Beethoven
Today marks the 344th anniversary of the master composer's date of baptism.
December 17, 2014

A very happy 244th birthday to Ludwig van Beethoven!

YouTube’s Player Piano Turns Gaming Tunes Into Fantasy Videos

17, 2014

Imagine: a classical piano recital performed not in a concert hall, but in a fantasy music video. This isn’t the future of music – it’s happening now on the Player Piano YouTube channel.

Holiday Specials, Tune to Classical 101 All Season Long

holiday specials
Classical 101 Holiday Specials
17, 2014

Tune into Classical 101 all season long for special programming from all of us at the station! From Handel’s Messiah to a New Year’s celebration, Classical 101 is your one-stop shop to get you in the holiday spirit.

A New Biography of Tenor Roland Hayes

roland hayes
Roland Hayes: Legacy of an American Tenor by Christopher Brooks and Robert Sims
December 17, 2014

A new biography of the first African America classical musician to have an international career.

From Soaring Heights to Swirling Depths: NPR’s 2014 Album Choices

The Seattle Symphony: John Luther Adams, Become Ocean album cover
The Seattle Symphony: John Luther Adams, Become Ocean was one of NPR's best classical records of the year.
December 16, 2014

Midst the dozens of pop albums and jazz artists recognized on NPR Music’s 50 Favorite Albums of 2014 there stand four classical and orchestral compilations.