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Money Smarts: Finding Security in a Changing World

By 2030, almost 70 million Americans will be 65 or older. Most will outlive their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, but many will also outlive their savings accounts. Many surveys show that most seniors don’t have enough saved up for retirement. This hour we’ll talk with financial expert Jonathan Pond about how to make our money last.

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Wellness Wednesday: Anorexia News, Food Safety, Happy Feet

Although Food poisoning is never fun, it can go away pretty quickly sometimes with the aid of a strong antibiotic. A new foreign strand has landed in the US and it’s not only nasty, but also very contagious and multi-drug resistant. Coming up, ways of avoiding harmful bacteria and a closer look at anorexia as a mental illness.

Landlines and Internet-based Service

AT&T and Verizon have been attempting to abandon landlines and move to phones based on internet service by 2020. This proposal has met with opposition, however, from those who say that copper-based landlines are still a necessity for millions of Americans. This hour, we look at the issue of disappearing landlines, in Ohio and across the nation.

Tech Tuesday: Smartphone Use, Memes, Gadgets

Information access is more widely available since the advent of smartphones. Those who in the past couldn’t afford a PC or internet connection, can now easily scroll their favorite news apps, search for a job online, or check email.

The Framework for a Deal with Iran

Last week, the United States and five other world powers unveiled a framework for an agreement with Iran over the latter’s nuclear program. The deadline for a final agreement is June 30. Critics say it is not enough, but President Obama and supporters say that the framework is very exacting, and the only alternative to conflict.

The Health of Ohio’s Lakes and Waterways

The spread of toxic algae in Lake Erie has impacted drinking water and become a top priority for Ohio legislators. Governor John Kasich recently signed legislation that is expected to help reduce some of the causes of the algae growth. We’ll discuss the health of Ohio’s lakes and waterways and find out what can be done to stop the spread of algae.

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

This hour of Reporters Roundtable, we look at why Governor Kasich used a line-item veto to strike down proposed voting measures. We also discuss the thoughts of Ohio politicians on the Indiana “religious freedom” law, local actions of groups affiliated with the Koch brothers, and more.

All Sides Weekend: Chefs in the City

Whether if it’s thin crust, deep dish, or even covered in anchovies and pineapple, pizza is a favorite probably among most Americans. This hour, we’ll talk to Chris Crader who is the owner of Harvest Pizzeria in German Village and Harvest Bar and Kitchen in Clintonville.

New Bill Aims to Improve Former Convicts Job Prospects

For many former convicts finding a job can be a very difficult process. Some may not even get a call back from a potential employer if they check the box indicating they have a criminal record. Several states including Ohio, have and are hoping to pass legislation that will restrict employers from asking job seekers about their criminal record.

Paris during World War II

In June of 1940, months after the commencement of war between France and the Third Reich, German forces entered into Paris. An uneasy occupation that lasted until 1944 commenced. This hour, we talk with the author of a new book on occupied Paris for a look at the “City of Light” under Nazi control.

Balancing Religious Freedom and Protection Against Discrimination

Recently Indiana’s Senate Bill 101 or the “religious freedom” proposal has caused a wave of controversy. State legislators claim the bill intends on preventing the state or local government from not allowing an individual to practice their religious faith. .

Wellness Wednesday: Cancer Costs, Modern Midwifery, Nutrition News

With the growing advancement in cancer treatment comes an increased costs that many patients in America may not be able to forward. We discuss the correlation between costs and a patient receiving effective treatment.

Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership

The secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership has some Democrats and labor leaders questioning the benefits of a massive trade agreement. This hour, we look at President Obama’s demand for a “fast track” deal, and what a finalized deal will mean for the US, the global economy and international arbitration.

Tech Tuesday: Virtual Distance, Persuasive Technology, Gadgets

Ever go to a restaurant and see a couple sitting across from each other completely engrossed in their phones and barely interacting. Our phones and tablets have become such an important part in our lives that we may not be aware that it can be affecting our love lives or even our children’s lives.

Yemen faces civil war and foreign intervention

Yemen is in turmoil, as various factions are entangled in a civil war. This hour, we hear the latest from inside Yemen and discuss the complicated role that Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the US play in the chaos. We also take a look at the terrorist activity going on in the fractured country, and the larger regional conflict.

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