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The God Particle: Higgs Boson and the Origins of Mass

Two years ago, a scientific discovery made headlines across the world. Scientists believed they had discovered a missing piece in the puzzle of particle physics: the Higgs Boson, or “God particle.” Its discovery seems to answer questions about how stuff became…stuff. We’ll look at what the particle means for our understanding of the universe.

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Court Supreme: The Legacy of Chief Justice John Marshall

The first Monday in October kicks of the new session of the U.S. Supreme Court. And when the court talks, people listen. But that wasn’t always the case. This hour we’ll discuss the story of John Marshall, the man who devised a system that forced the government to recognize the judiciary as a partner in power in the United States.

The Pleasures of Winter Birding

Winter may not seem like the best time for bird watching, but with a keen eye, some patience, and maybe some bird seed, you can bring feathered friends to your window. This hour, we discuss the what birds to look out for in the cold months ahead and how to attract them.

The Roosevelt Family’s Legacy

National parks, the New Deal, Hitler’s defeat… The Roosevelts can lay claim to some of history’s most important developments. This hour we’ll preview a new Ken Burns documentary about the famous trio: Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor. We’ll talk about the progressive legacies of two presidents, and a first lady against whom all others are measured.

Remembering the Korean War

By it’s end, some thirty-six thousand five hundred American troops died fighting the three year war in Korea. Six thousand of them were lost in the first winter alone when Chinese troops outmaneuvered and out-manned the U.S. forces — despite the boasts of General MacArthur that they would be home by Christmas.

Tech Tuesday: Top Weird Tech News, Best Apps, Gadget Gifts

A hitchhiking robot and an artificially intelligent chef are just two of weird tech stories that broke in 2014. We’ll review those and get a roundup of some of the coolest tablet and smartphone apps from the past year. Plus, a gift guide for last-minute shoppers in search of easy-to-find gadget stocking stuffers.

Top Political Stories of 2014

The top stories of the year are easy to figure for 2014… Ebola. Immigration. Cuba. Midterm elections. But the story with the longest reach in the country might be Ferguson and the apparent racial disparities in policing in the United States.

Nelson A. Rockefeller: His Life and Legacy

He championed affordable housing and universal health care. He established the Museum of Modern Art, brought the United Nations to New York, and as that state’s governor, eliminated the death penalty. And he was a lifelong Republican. This hour we’ll talk about Nelson Rockefeller’s contributions, his personal turmoil, and why he still matters.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Now that the General Assembly’s on break, our reporter panel will take a look back at the year in news. And we’ll look ahead at some stories happening now: The ACLU is fighting Governor Kasich’s move on faith-based mentoring in schools, and Columbus is gearing up for a mayoral election sans Coleman. We’ll get the details this hour.

All Sides Weekend: Best Local Music of 2014

This was a great year for local music! Before 2014 comes to a close, we’ll look back at all the great local artists, venues and shows of the year.

Holiday Cookie Extravaganza!

In the U.S. we like them pressed, stuffed or chocolate-chipped. Every country’s got its own take, but it’s easy to find common ground around the most emblematic of holiday treats: the cookie. We’ll hear about the latest trends and oldest traditions in holiday cookie preparation. Kipfel, poppers, meltaways…call in with your favorite recipes!

The Cities of the Future

In 2009 we saw a “first” on Earth. That’s when more people started living in urban than rural areas. By 2050, 70 percent of humans will live in cities.While some associate cities with crowds, trash and traffic jams, others believe cities are an ecological option for the future. We’ll talk about urban history, design and renewal this hour.

Diplomatic Relations Open between U.S. and Cuba

President Obama has made what some are calling the biggest diplomatic announcement in the last 50 years. He said he will normalize ties between the U.S. and Cuba, and hopes to open an embassy in Havana. This comes just after Cuba released an American contractor on humanitarian grounds. We’ll discuss the implications this hour.

Wellness Wednesday: Flu, Year in Health, Fitness Gifts

It’s official: This year’s flu vaccine is not a great match for what’s circulating. The flu has already landed over 450 Ohioans in the hospital– twice as many as this time last year. We’ll talk about what happens when the flu shot misses the mark. We’ll also get a holiday gift guide for good health, and talk about the year’s biggest health stories

Treating Ohio’s Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is now on par with alcoholism in Ohio– at least when it comes to people seeking publicly-funded treatment. The recent expansion of Medicaid has entitled thousands more to mental health services, but the cost of treatment still remains a barrier to recovery. This hour we’ll talk about how the state is fighting its opiate epidemic.

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